Everything for the team self conscious Megabit before the start of the season

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Michael Bittner looks back to a year full of setbacks – national as internationally. FIFA 21 did not seem to lie to the German showcase professional, the expected success remained. Added to this was the corona crisis. Then I m already in a spiral, in which I thought too many thoughts, says the 22-year-old today about this mentally heavy phase.

Megabit relieves reluctant to the past season and the remained sporting success. However, the top phase has taught the FIFA professional that everything does not always run smooth. Two seasons in a row had Bittner previously shot Werder Bremen to the championship – with him as the best player of the league. The subsequent failure now serves as motivation and finger.

Accordingly, the Werderaner also takes some positive from time to: In retrospective it was a season from which I could draw many conclusions: it s not just that you have a lot of trained. The balance must be right and you always have to vote and you always have to vote Thing.

A star takes back

If on October 9, the fourth season of the VBL Club Championship starts, Megabit can finally shoot the memories of a disappointing season. If the 22-year-old delivers, its services from FIFA 21 will be forgotten quickly. Nevertheless, Bittner practices in relation to the league uptake. From a return to the number one of the VBL should not be a speech.

The Club Championship is a competition in which you have to reset individual ambitions as a player. Whether I play, no matter if I gain everything, no matter if I lose everything when the team celebrates successes, I am satisfied and will make my contribution to it, is the clear announcement of Megabit.

Double confidence keeps better

The assessment is by no means on missing self-confidence. In his opponents, Bittner sees a strengthened competition with great potential, but looks optimistic about the competition. He would have invested a lot of time to start FIFA 22 to train and absorb knowhow.

He stood happily, that in the offensive with the pass game has more opportunities and I realize that I can press up opponents my style when I games quickly. This promotes self-confidence. In addition, it must not be forgotten that the VBL Club Championship is a team competition. And Bittner is sure: We have quality.

Not everyone can play

Werder Bremen has committed a new, emerging professional to the end of the season with Ali Predatorfifa Oskoui Wheel, who even shone internationally in FIFA 21. In addition, the two established players Megabit and Fabio Fifabio Sabbagh and Max Julius Diviners Gröne. The Youngster promoted in June with a semi-final run at the VBL Grand Final in the conversation by a starting place at Werder.

Bittner comments on the team with the words: We have a very good constellation with four players who characterize different styles and traits. The 22-year-old sees itself in leadership responsibility. Megabit wants to drive his teammates to help them help them and share their values.

With powerful players, however, a hard competition is also associated with playing time in the Club Championship. This also knows Megabit : In a four-squad with quality it will not be easy. Not everyone can play, but everyone will make his contribution.

Etap zeal set

You can be curious if Werder Bremen storms with the reinforced squad back to the top of the Virtual Bundesliga and who sits at the console.

Bittner pages the final tournament in the Club Champions, which corresponds to a place among the first eight teams. The team is ready to work hard. In the head, there is always another goal with: We definitely want to deliver better performance than last season.


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