LOL Are the esports of League of Legends profitable ten years later

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Do you like to think that we are the future of sport, that is what we believe we are building, John Needham, Global Director of ESPORTS, told Washington Post. But if we can not make electronic sports a profitable business for our teams and sponsors, then we will not last a lot. It is something that we constantly think: How to make it profitable all our ecosystem?, He continued.

This question has been bothering Riot Games for several years, and behind her there are many interesting points: No, League of Legends electronic sports are not profitable. In fact, electronic sports in general, either are either, which is not so surprising. After all, if League, Level 1 discipline, fails, who could succeed?

Some might quote fortnite, that for a moment it trembled the riot Games high heads, but it would be necessary to be blind to not realize that Epic Games Royale Battle today is withdrawn. Especially since, if we are going to believe in the Epic Games vs Apple s test report, the Tim Sweeney company would have overestimated the income generated by the competitive scene of its logo game at almost 154 million in 2019.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, DOTA 2, Rainbow 6, Smash Bros and many more… along Of the years, the licenses that demand a scene of electronic sports have multiplied, attracting investors with the tenacious promise that discipline would make them rich: a planetary cultural phenomenon, installed both in collective consciousness and in the pockets of the Amateurs.

The ESPORTS are still a niche, although every time it attracts more and more fans and spectators, it is still far from achieving what traditional sport has managed to meet in two or three centuries. Although it does generate income directly or indirectly, it is still far from fulfilling the dream of Riot Games Head of Global ESPORTS.

ESPORTS, A Marketing Tool

It is no secret: electronic sports are a way for companies to capture and retain their audience in their respective licenses. Faced with the best show, and thanks to an identification process with famous and well-known professionals In the world, spectators are encouraged to play. They awaken the desire to do the same, or at least to imitate.

And, of course, this phenomenon generates income indirectly. By attracting new players through its competitive scene, Riot Games also feeds its income, since all are individuals who will probably succumb to the game store. However, before a FREE-TO-PLAY model is difficult to measure the exact impact.

The High-Tech Super-Server That Saved Pro League of Legends

the way to go

It is true that the growing number of spectators offers a solution, since the sale of retransmission rights, exclusive or not, represents a true source of income for Riot Games. This is demonstrated by 310 million dollars spent by flee, a streaming platform China, to obtain the exclusive rights of transmission of the Chinese scene (LPL, LDL and LPL All Star).

Likewise, after the action undertaken by Alban Dechelotte Inside the League, the competitive scenario of League of Legends is still filled, day after day, of increasingly sponsors. The Baron Power Play of Red Bull, the MVP of MasterCard or funny use of Kitkat for pauses. The increasing number of ads of Kia, the flags and banners appeared in the crack to promote several sponsors; Throughout the years, League of Legends has tried to follow the steps of sport, by creating advertising spaces.

However, it is still far from enough. Because the ESPORTS do not yet have an audience that would be willing to pay their seat to see a game, or even a subscription to see all competitions. While the introduction of the Pro Verw certainly marks a first step in this direction, we are still far from the LEAGUE PASS model of the NBA. Because, if we ignore the costs related to the Internet subscription, Riot Games does not see a penny anyway, Esport in LOL is absolutely free for viewers.

A transgenerational company

However, despite the costs of the ESPORTS, and unable to truly measure the beneficial effects, Riot Games continues to invest in discipline. Although it is apparently not possible to find financial balance, at least cover and compensate for expenses linked to the development of competitive scenario.

The Californian study invested with losses, like all its competitors, betting on the e-sport one day will become as popular and profitable as traditional sport. And the thing could well take several more years. And precisely, this titanic adventure illustrates Riot s philosophy well that, after 10 years of League, sought to go further. Contente of MGG Fr.