Players criticize Destiny 2 ruins the trials of Osiris with new matchmaking

For a long workertdestiny 2 to the trials of Osiris around. You want to create the best possible experience for the PVP players and involve the community in it. But instead of making trials more attractive and pleasant, this PVP weekend became a catastrophic nuisance for the players.

Bungie has been collecting statistical data and player feedback for the Trials of Osiris in Destiny. It s about improving the mode and make more players accessible. But that s going to go back to the back. Trials in Destiny 2 recorded the largest crash decline last weekend. The players are angry and make the new profit-based matchmaking responsible for this.

About Testing Labor has been tested in the past few weeks with the trials of Osiris.

A new focusable loose system was integrated with the 14th saint.
With elimination was experimented. There additional zones must be taken on the map.
Freelance made sure that you could play smooth solo without meeting teams that mature.
A timed flexible pool should throw switzer and streamer into a saucepan and separate it from the regular PVP players (without 7 victories) on Sunday evening.

However, the immaculate pool had a disadvantage: What was theoretically good, has become a problem now. The immaculate pool created for the players quasi a two-class system. When a friend was flawless on Friday, one could not play with him as normal players on Sunday. This would have significantly increased the degree of difficulty, which led to much more difficult games.

We had introduced these first changes in detail:

In addition, the start time of the immaculate pool (with us 19:00 on Sunday) for most players who do not live in northern, Central or South America, quite impractical. That also has to admit bungie.

Trials of Osiris now have a profit-based matchmaking

This has changed Bungie now: Since the revised version with the immaculate pool has resulted in mixed feedback from the community, Bungie changed this for last weekend again. In the This-Week-At-Bungie Blog of October 28, the studio announced that they switch to a profit-based matchmaking system for the Trials of Osiris.

Their idea of ​​making the matchmaking pool capability-based is now to simply remove the faultless pool completely.

How does the new matchmaking work? After the immaculation pool was removed, players played this weekend primarily against players with the same number of profits. Regardless of how often you had reset your card. That made the matches tend to be fairer. But 7 victories in a row were barely achievable after the first run.

These are the three adjustments in the current matchmaking in detail:

Players are mated against players with the same number of profits. Regardless of how often you had reset your card.
PVP professionals who reach 10 times spotless per weekend will be linked to other players who (for example) have more than 70 victories on their cards, no matter how they have achieved them.
If there are no matching players, the search is extended to less suitable players.

So fatal is the adaptation: Previously, players could reset their trials pass to zero. But that does not work anymore. Every win always increases the difficulty of the next game. It is getting heavier and heavier.

Bungie obviously shot too far beyond the target. Thus, the community is now still dissatisfied than before.

The players had no desire to participate: PVP sweater and streamer, who went several times flawless several times during the entire weekend, listened to playing, as they were only matted against each other. Less experienced players noted that it became more and more difficult to impossible to achieve a continuous victory survey. This has inflicted great damage to the interest and self-confidence of players.

Luckyy10p, self-renowned Anchorman from Destiny 2, tweeted after his crazy Trials weekend: Please undo this matchmaking!

Aztecross, Destiny-2-PVP-Youtuber, just found it terrible. He had played six hours Trials of Osiris on Friday. He then summarized his frustrations with the new matchmaking system in this video:

Trials recorded greatest players decline for a long time

Bungie s goal of more players to lure them into the Trials, does not promote this new matchmaking at all. On the first weekend of the Trials of Osiris in Season 15 could be spotlessly 237,000 750,000 players.

According to Destiny 2 Trials Report, 358,000 players at all participated in the Trials of Osiris last weekend. Of these, only 80,000 managed to become spotless.

Bungie has already voted: Community manager DMG04 said the trials in a tweet and calmed the players. Bungie will continue to look at the number of players and statistics and let nothing rotted.

We will probably learn more on Thursday if Bungie publishes his results for the last trial weekend.

By the way: Bungie has not only to make adaptation in the endgame PVP. At the moment the gaming experience for new players is extremely bad. Why always gets worse, you can read here:

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Was your Trials weekend spotless? What do you say about the new matchmaking? Has Bungie wanted too much here and should the matchmaking be abolished again?