This edition Collector Remastered Command and Conquer is a treasure of souvenirs

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is a remake of the first two titles of the real-time strategy video game series Command & Conquer with redone graphics and sound improvements, and bonuses. It was developed by Petroglyph Games with Lemon Sky Studios and edited by Electronic Arts. He went out on June 5, 2020 on Origin and Steam. A physical edition for collectors will be published by Limited Run Games.
The compilation includes remakes from the first two games of the Command & Conquer Universe originally developed by Westwood Studios, Command & Conquer (1995) and Red Alert (1996), as well as their extension packs and their exclusive console content. It offers 4K graphics, redone music, Full Motion Video s kinematic sequences, an improved user interface, modern online features and a de-lockable gallery and a Making of.
The source code on Command & Conquer and Red Alert (with the exception of art and sound) was published on June 2,2020 and the Remastered collection has an integrated modding support.

What are your most beautiful memories of classical real-time strategy games? There are not many nowadays, but for a while, RTS was the first choice in the game on PC and no name on this list could not be as high as Command and Conquer. The series has established the bar for the genre and threw the basics of competitive strategy games in real time with rich stories, and threw the basics of movie videos with together assets like the norm in the middle of the years 90. 25 years later, Command and Conquer is always in the memories for its innovations and its mixture of modern and surrealist war. Whether to play the premium series of alternative history of Red Alert or to investigate the appearance of Tiberium in Italy in the mid-1990s of the original series, Command and Conquer did great things for The game, and what better way to celebrate that command and conquer of Limited Run remastered collection! This box contains an unprecedented crowd of goodies for franchise fans and we are here to count them and show you what you can get inside this beautiful embossed box.

The Command and Conquer series has always been devoted to the classic struggle against good and evil, light and darkness, and no collection set would be complete without some stickers. This box includes four faction stickers including allies, GDI, Nod and Soviets. This is not an object of the lens, these stickers have excellent details on each logo, especially in the light effects to give an extra touch.

You want something a little more substantial to show your support for your favorite faction? Do not be afraid because this box also includes very nice enamel pins – one for each of the above-mentioned factions! Each pin is solid and solid and comes with this perfect shine when the box released so that even a commander congratulates you for having kept this uniform clean and tidy.

If the stickers and pins of these emblematic faction factions of the Command and Conquer series are not a pretty permanent way to show your loyalty to the loved franchise, why not decorate this jacket with a patch? These patches are perfect for the C & C cosplay to be perfect, whatever the faction you are loyalty!

At this point, you might think that the box ends, but we are just starting! Among the rest of the booty in this impressive box, you will find our last article related to clothing (I promise!), A black hat with the Nod and GDI logos on the opposite sides! Declare your loyalty and keep these ears warm, but do not be afraid to change camp at any time!

Some command and conquer players have trouble deciding which of the series is their favorite, but why are satisfied with it? This collection set includes a double-sided displays with the original game illustrations on one side and Red Alert on the other! Just like this cap above, you can change the side you decide to show at any time, the important thing is to show your love for the franchise.

At the time you bought a strategy game, you may have the chance to get a copy of the technological tree with. It meant that when your parents were on the phone or used the computer, you could lengthen in your bed and memorize these tables for your next session. Well, just as in the good old days, this box comes with not one but four laminated technological trees on which you can drool – go ahead, it will wipe up right away!

Sometimes you need to pause your eyes after a particularly long game session with your nose just a few centimeters from the monitor, so why not bury it in a good book? Well, good art book. The art book included in this collection contains more than 100 pages of content of the iconic series and will not fail to remind you of good memories of the first time you jumped into a mammoth tank.

Where would we be without the original band of our most popular games? Command and Conquer music has prepared the terrain for our epic battles and has been the chorus of our sweating victories. Not only will you get six records of the iconic soundtrack, but it happens to be signed by Frank Klepacki himself!

Want to keep this shiny autographed soundtrack in plastic wrap? Not only does this Tiberium Crystal USB is an absolute beauty with its own dock to make it a cool decoration, but it comes with the remastered soundtrack! 119 Titles with more than seven hours of music, including the most recently announced Frank Klepacki and The Tiberian Sounds: Celebrating 25 Years of Command and Conquer. In addition, who does not want a cool USB key?

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection 25th Anniversary Edition Collector's Unboxing + WINNERS

Made of heavy metal with a rotary turret, this Mammoth tank replica is an excellent room for your office. Need a clipboard? You want to pretend to make war instead of working and being productive? The quality of this tank is excellent and deserves all your attention, even if it could be difficult considering our next entry on this list…

Is it really cool? Made from durable PVC and painted perfection, the Tesla coil and the obelisk will come on when activated and will emit these deliciously memorable enemy annihilation sounds. Their light is surprisingly shiny, even view under high brightness conditions on the image below. Like the reservoir, these are excellent decorations and infallible means of killing boredom at your desk.

What is a collector s edition on a beloved game without, do you know, the game? This collection edition comes with a Steam code to give you full access to the Complete Command and Conquer Remastered collection so you can play yourself.

What are your most beautiful memories of playing command and conquer? Are you planning to get this amazing box? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and for all that concerns the game, be sure to keep it locked here even on Cogconnected.

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