Premier League Palace

Striker Wilfried Zaha by Premier League Club Crystal Palace reported after the victory of his team at Manchester City (2: 0) on racist infants.

The 28-year-old, who had shot the goal to the 1-0 for Palace in Manchester, made several racist news in Instagram, which he had received from users of the online platform.

It does not help him get sympathy and compassion, emphasized Zaha. This news is not there that I get a million messages, he wrote. I m not here for this whole Nonsens, who is organized without solving the actual problem.

The Ivorian national player had several times against the symbolic squeegee before football matches and Black Lives Matter letters to the jerseys and said, he feels that as humiliating and as meaningless charade.

Man City v Crystal Palace | Match Highlights
As a first player, Zaha had shot his 50th Premier League Gate for Crystal Palace on Saturday. After a tactical foul on Zaha, CITYS Aymeric Laporte flew with a red card from the square and had to play the second half in the lower room.

I do not interfere with the insults, that is today to my job, even if that is not an excuse, wrote Zaha, but my skin color will always remain the true problem, that s fine, because I will always be black and proud