Shiro Unlimited will make us visit March in Opportunity

Quickly announced last July at the same time as Shiro Unlimited, the Studio Shiro Games publishing label, Opportunity is more with a first trailer as well as some catches.

Advertised for 2022 on Steam, Opportunity is developed by the French Studio Sunday Corp, which Opportunity could meet the co-founder Lola Guilldou, aka the Sunday developer. This title is inspired by the fate of Rover Opportunity, which explained the surface of March since January 2004 before NASA loses contact with the device in June 2018. A 15-year mission that was supposed to last. that 90 days at the start.

Titre worn by exploration and poetry, Opportunity is an atmospheric narrative game where the players will brave the many dangers who roll a sorry red planet to finally carry out their mission. They will be able to experiment with the beauty and loneliness of space By controlling the famous rover, tells us the press release.

It is therefore a question of taking control of the rover to cross the landscapes of the red planet in 3D low poly, overcoming a series of tasks and obstacles to carry out its mission with loneliness. Advantage of video game, it will be possible to improve its capacities with new modules and components found everywhere on the planet. A minimalist interface and acoustic soundtrack will accompany the player while he will learn more about exploration programs that preceded and followed Opportunity by collecting parts and indices.

In addition to Opportunity, Shiro Unlimited also works on a management game in collaboration with the young studio Madrilene Overpowered Team and that we will discover later. As for the Shiro Games team, known for Evoland, Northgard and Darksburg, it always works on its Wartal RPG.


Opportunity – Trailer