Neowiz Blazen Shield PC update road map announcement

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[Data provided: Neowiz]

\ – New content released by the end of October to the first half of 2022

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\ – Introduction to improvement direction and future update direction

Neowiz said that its development and service MMORPG <Blazenish Sud Pc> announced the update roadmap through the YouTube official channel today (12th) today.

On the 9th, the broadcasting director of Park Kyung-ji appeared in the public, and the new content information and schedule to be updated until the first half of 2022. In addition, the improvement, the contents of the update direction were delivered together.

First, in the October update, the PVP regular season begins, the challenge (5 person) dungeon is added to the sixteenth dungeon. Here you will be updated with one-to-one feathers, new named bosses.

In addition, updates such as new and new skills and wing character costumes, and new classes, and wing character costumes, and new classes to be established as the core of PVP content this year.

The content update, The overall director of Blazuls, said, Content updates are trying to proceed more positive, and to be able to change large changes, said the Content Update is trying to proceed more positively and a large change. Thank you for your interest.

The questions that have been accepted through comments after the broadcast are cooperated and will deliver answers through the unexpected official cafe Roadmap Q & A announcement.