Competition for FIFA

EA SPORTS FIFA is the place deer among the football simulations. No one comes to this colossus, but why not? Efootball, formerly pes, is just shattering itself, the Football Mananger serves another clientele and possible competitors with Goals and UFL are still in development.

In addition, it is at least questionable whether you can arrive against the big one with the FIFA license. But FIFA license? There EA Sports seems to be struggling right now: The FIFA football organization wants more money for her trademark rights, EA at least checks if you can do FIFA without the FIFA. An starting point for the competitors ? Is it actually at all?

Topic of talk: What can the competition actually?

We want to talk about this evening from 20 clock tonight. The SPORTS FIFA Esport Talk is occupied with high-profile experts: Erhan Dr. med. Erano Kayman once increases in our round space, proven expert and former professional for both FIFA and PES and recently also columnist on SPORTS FIFA Esport. He is the manager among the experts, just together with his former professional colleague Marvin Hintz has raised its own player agency from baptism.

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For the first time, he stands for the first time the longtime editor-in-chief of SPORTS FIFA Esport and current product manager for the project ESPORT at SPORTS FIFA, Nicole Lange. She knows the scene and the competitors jumped over the years as no second will be decidedly disclosed on Konamis desastrous failure.

Also included are our two moderators Christian Gürnth and Jan Bergmann. First of all, today is a discussant today, because he himself has been gaming journalist for over a decade, regularly streams various esport disciplines over Twitch and watches the scene from a very own perspective. Bergmann completed with its real-sported background as DFB coach and FIFA Trader and leads the lap.

Of course, your assessments are needed and welcome. What do you think about the new Efootball ? Are your backer of the upcoming kick-off ? Why is FIFA actually the best game of all? Represents your questions in the chat on Twitch.tv/SPORTS FIFAde

Tonight from 20 clock, be there!

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