Apple Mounted prototype of the first iPod was revealed

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One week ago, Apple presented numerous new products in a live event as usual. But while presenting a 25 euro expensive cleaning cloth there, the most popular iPod did not experience the deserved attention.

The versatile MP3 player is already 20 years old! And even if he has often changed in all the time, becomes bigger and smaller, and in many colors Daherkam – the prototype, which was now, was already the first iPod far away. Above all, that has a reason: the extremely wound design served secrecy.

It has it with the prototype of the first iPod

The information and pictures of the prototype come from Panic Inc, a software company, which the ancient part has been bunker in its archives and only waited for the right moment to take it to the public. The revelation gave us some pictures of the wrong prototype, which really looks like in its oversize and dull colored hue from time.

No wonder, after all, he is already 20 years old. But even for then circumstances he affects extremely poor and immature. Nevertheless, of course, basic features of the final design can be recognized: the famous rotary wheel for example or the rectangular display in the upper half.

The originator of the iPod turns on

Tony Fadell, Urvater of the iPod, has confirmed the identity of the prototype on Twitter by the way and explained some backgrounds: This is a P68 / Dulcimer iPod prototype, which we have built (very fast) before the final design was done. We finished did not want to look like an iPod, for secrecy reasons.

Although the oversized device contains all important components of the finished MP3 player, it should rather work badly as a right: The placement of the buttons, the size – it was mainly air inside – and the wheel has worked (if bad ) , Write Fadell.

If you still dust your first ipod in the attic somewhere, you can use the new cleaning cloth from Apple to clean. But no matter how retro your device is: It probably does not come up with the wrong prototypes.

Source: Panic

From Jonas Höger
25.10.2021 at 18:58