10 horror games for PS4 on offer between 0 99 and 9 99 euros in ps store with which you will celebrate a very cheap halloween

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As October is the month of terror and scares, these 10 games on offer between 0.99 and 9.99 euros at PS Store will help you celebrate a very cheap Halloween and, in addition, in advance.

Yes, there are still a few days left so that If it is your case, these cheap scary games will help you stretch the party more time.

This collection of offers of horror games attempts to play all the sticks a little, but always with the fear as a conductive thread. So you can find exponents of the varied gender: Pure and hard adventures, action games, mystery .. or even more immersive thanks to the RV.

In short, All are perfect to put the hen skin , but there are others more suitable for those who prefer a terror … maybe something else tranquyl .

Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is a survival horror sequel to tormented father , with a plot on Richard Felton s family, a millionaire who tries to find out the cure of him.

In our analysis we told you a bit of the game, from the plot of multiple personalities, kidnappings, betrayals and terrible mass murders, now on offer for € 9.89 at PS Store.

House of ashes and their connection with Little Hope that only a few will discover

Blair Witch.

Blair Witch is the survival horror annoyed in the universe of the homonymous cinematographic saga, and that is still very online of movies. Decorated in 1996 we will be Ellis, an ex-police tormented by the past of him.

Looking for a lost child at the BLACK HILLS Forest , with the witch rondeing and its very acute fears, we must face exploring the terrain. It is on offer for € 8.99 in PS Store.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan went to a new proposal for Supermassive Games , study by Until Dawn, which also has on offer for € 9.99 his remembered proposal Slasher.

Indie Gaming This Week: 25 – 31 Oct 2021

Here, 4 young people enjoy a vacation and scuba diving looking for remains of IIGM, until on their way crossed violent pirates that address their ship.

But everything is going to worse when a storm whip and end up on an abandoned boat, where our decisions will be vital to save them … or condemn them. Ideal for playing it in company (it has various modes of cooperative) and more to its current price on offer for € 9.89.


Darkwood is a survival horror without forced scavenges and with a aerial perspective where we will have to survive in a forest collecting resources, manufacturing objects and learning skills.

With a cycle of day and night, we will alternate exploration in different biomes, but at nightfall we will have to survive. On offer is its standard edition for € 8.24 and its special by € 8.99, both with a 10% extra when subscribed to PS + .

Dead Rising 4: Frank s Big Package

Dead Rising 4: Frank s Big Package supposed Reunion of the players with the Zombie action more Beast of Capcom, where we can use all kinds of objects to open our way, while we take photos like the Frank West reporter.

Although the title, Dead Rising 4: Frank s Big Package can lead to double senses, refers to the edition that includes the base game, all the DLC and the game mode Capcom Heroes at a very attractive price.

Here, Frank must save again the city of Willamette from the Zombie threat by combining everything he can and more. The 4th Delivery of the Saga Dead Rising is on offer for € 9.99 in PS Store.

Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Resident Evil Code Veronica X is a spin-off of saga resident evil where we will be Claire Redfield. She has infiltrated the base of Umbrella Corps from Paris to look for her brother, Chris.

But she caught her and take island Rockfort , a territory attacked by Albert Wesker and the forces of Him T. Acclaimed by many, you can get the game on PS4 for € 5.99 in ps store . And if you do not convince you, there is more re supply, from 4.99 euros, such as Remake or Re Zero.

Amnesia Collection

Amnesia Collection is a triple pack of the acclaimed and well-known Saga Amnesia, with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in a castle; A Machine for Pigs, on the surface and Justine , an expansion of the first game.

This collection with all three is essential if you have never played them and you want to be afraid, since your offer leaves 4,27 € in PS Store; Or even cheaper, for € 1.42 if you are PS plus subscriber .


Soma was the next bet within the terror of Friction Games , creators of Amnesia. An adventure where The machines have begun to believe that they are people .

The world of the game has horrors submerged in the ocean, but you will have to discover the truth after all this chaos. Your offer of € 4.27 will be enough ? Well, the AI ​​will judge you.

Adventure horror

Horror Adventure is an interactive experience for PlayStation VR in a haunted house generated by procedures. As a paranormal researcher, we will have to explore this mansion.

Interact with objects, survive the scares and experience everything for € 0.99 at PS Store, although you can also buy your PS4 & PSVR Edition for € 2.59, or only for VR for 1.99.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is a horror survival experience with an implacable survival and a series of supplies limited at our disposal .

Can you survive the Chronicles and determine the fate of others? The game has version of PS4 on offer for € 5.84, although also has one for PS5 for something else, € 6.74 on PS Store.

and Gift : The Sinking City: Necronomicon Edition

The Sinking City: Necronomicon Edition is our additional bonus, given that its price rises a little more than 9.99 we recommend.

It is an open world game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. It is a terrifying adventure that takes place in the 20s. And that in this edition also includes all the DLC.

We embodied Charles W. Reed , a private and veteran war researcher with traits of Lovecraftian characters. If you are interested in the works and / or worlds of it, you have on offer your Necronomicon Edition for € 18.74 in PS Store; 11,24 € If you are subscribed to PS + .

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And with this we have spent some cheap fear games for PS4 with which you can overtake Halloween and pass it from fear. Contact, Which of all of them is the most fear of you ? And if you do not feel like playing, you can always take a look at some of the best fear films in history.