Only for a short time mobile phone contract with 10 GB LTE Data volume Flat for 9 99 Euro Display

At Mobile Treaty.de you can save current neatly . So you pay for 10 GB LTE data volume including Allnet Flat currently only 9,99 Euro monthly. This and other offers are only valid until next Tuesday.

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Mobile phone contract with 10 GB LTE data volume and Allnet flat

Anyone who wants to use the smartphone as well as in domestic Wi-Fi, requires on the one hand a fast network and also sufficient data volume. How much data volume is sufficient, is different from person to person.

A mobile phone contract with 10 GB LTE data volume should, however, enable most a largely unrestricted smartphone use . Without fear of throttled Internet you can freed surfing , Stream and play .

Thanks to the telephone flat in all German networks long calls is nothing in the way. At Mobile Treaty, you get the package of 10 GB data volume and Allnet flat on top of that lowest price from 9,99 Euro per month.

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To the provider

Mobile Treaty.de belongs to the renowned drill group. It is therefore a reputable provider, in which you do not have afraid of hidden costs or the like. Winsim uses the fast and stable network of Telefonica . With the conclusion of the contract, you have the choice between a minimum term of 24 months or the option without minimum term. You decide to you for the former, Saves you the 19.99 euros connection fee.

Now mobile phone contract with 10 GB LTE data volume + flat for 9.99 euros secure

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Mobile phone contract with 6 GB LTE data volume at the best price

If you spend a lot of time in your home Wi-Fi, but still do not want to do without the smartphone, with a total of fewer data volumes. The 3 + 3 offer by mobile phone contract.de could be just right here.

There are currently currently 6 GB LTE Data Volume Plus Allnet-Flat The best price of only 6,99 Euro per month! With 6 GB you are on the safe side and do not have to be afraid of throttled internet. Thanks SMS – and Telephone Flat In all German networks, you can also have long calls . The conditions are otherwise the same, you decide to sign directly for 24 months, you save the connection fee of 19.99 euros.

To 3 + 3 offer at mobile phone contract.de

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