A record wobbles Favorites on the NBA MVP

The candidates

Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks)

Luka Doncic goes to his third NBA season, extended his contract in the long term and is extremely far for his age of 22 years. According to the era Dirk Nowitzki, Doncic is the new franchise players of Dallas Mavericks. The Slovene, who ran for Real Madrid before his NBA time, falls below the category of a Generational Talent : a player who can significantly influence the path of a franchise and is also the focus of the squad planning. These actors usually also attach exceptionally good stats – but there are no measurable values, such as basketball IQ. Players like Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan or LeBron James are also counted to the rather rare generational talents that characterize a generation.

Franchise players and hope of MAVs with 22 years: Luka Doncic. imago images / icon smi

In the past season, Doncic was able to draw attention, especially with his improved threesome and a better selection of litters. In the 19/20 season, the Youngster had often taken difficult throws. This was also reflected in the Three-Point Percentage : from 31.6 percent in the preseason, he increased to 35 percent of the triple line. In the Play-Off series against the clippers, he put on rows of considerable stats in half, before the forces took the forces and he missed the necessary efficiency at the end of the respective game to win the first series of his career. Doncics personal performance in the play-offs comes a MVP level meanwhile already very close: 40.1 minutes, 35.7 points at over 40 percent of downtown and 10.7 assists per game speak volumes.

Giannis antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)

He would probably be the congenial partner for Doncic: last year s Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek goes with a broad breast into the MVP race – because in the past season he led the Milwaukee Bucks as a franchise player to the title and let his critics silent. In the decisive Game 6 of the finals, he put up 50 points and met 17 out of 19 free throws, which was a bit of his greatest weaknesses.

Last year s finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo could secure the third Regular Season MVP of his career. imago images / panoramic

Antetokounmpo is considered an offensive and defensive anchor of his team. In the offensive, Coach Mike Budenholzer and more often used him as a classic forward, making the Greek better exploit his strengths. In the play-offs, no team found an answer to the muscle package that dominated under the opposing basket, which was dominated under the opposing basket, place for players and often played at the right moment to best use this room. At the throw (30% triple quota, 68% free throwing rate), the Forward has to continue working, but even without an efficient litter he is a hot candidate on the MVP title. Because even defensive he knows through the probably best Help Defense to convince the league and has everything under the own basket. Help Defense means helping a beaten teammate that was overpassed. Giannis is with his long arms, his stature and his defensive skills such as creating it and urges opponents from the zone.

Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets)

The defending champion is also not beaten without fighting. Jokic has revolutionized the game of NBA: a center that controls and guides the complete game of his team at the highest level, did not exist yet. The leap to the preseason was almost unbelievable at Jokic. His points per game increased from 19.9 to 26.4 points, the three-rate ratio of 31.4% to 38.8%, the assists from 7 to 8.3.

Around him, the Nuggets secured two more players who should help the team at the top: Jamal Murray, who is currently recovering from his cruciate ligament, and Michael Porter Jr. form the trio of the nuggets. But even in the field, his role and effect is getting bigger: Jokic operates more and more dominant to Murray s injury and almost all the tasks of the Point Guard in terms of player opening and design. Due to its novel playing way and extremely improved values, the Joker has already chosen past season to the most valuable player and has all the prerequisites to repeat this.

Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers)

Joel Embid by the Philadelphia 76ers has a Bear s Post Game (with the back to the basket). If the center should create to lift his team on a good play-off starting place, the Camerooner could collect some voices and prove itself as a valuable player.

In the coming year, his franchise probably leads alone: ​​Joel Embid. Getty Images

In the past season he made the next step and raised his above-average statistics to the next level: he increased his yield per game around five points to 28.5 points. Likewise, he hit the threesome and the free throw significantly better than in the preseason. And in contrast to the previous year s winner Jokic, Embiid not only dominates in the offensive, but is also in the defensive of the 76s anchor and counts annually to the contested circle on the Defensive Player of the Year award. The new role of the sole target player could bring him in a violation-free season, paired with the performance of the preseason, the MVP Award.

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

In the past season Warriors coach Steve Kerr The best Stephen Curry of all time. In the MVP race, however, the Guard had to give the Joker , though the name of the US American was also high in some experts. Alone almost alone, he shot the Warriors into the play-in tournament, where she did just under the Lakers and then moved against the Memphis Grizzlies the shorter.

Franchise Player The Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry. Getty Images

Curry did not just lead his team to the parquet as best player, but also stepped up more and more than an emotional leader. Although Klay Thompson was missing the whole season, he led his team to Sieben Sieben. And that, although he was regularly taken apart from two or three counterparts. With 32 points per game, he recorded a career repair and continued to record fabulous odds from the triple line at almost 13 three-point trennes per game at 42.1% – many of them strongly defended as the complete defense focused on him. He also broke his personal record with 62 points in a game. When the Splash Brothers react on side by side and calls curry to the performance of the past season, he is also one of the co-favorites in the fight for the MVP title.

The problem of the Lakers and Nets actors in the MVP question

Superstar Trios bring teams – such as the Lakers and the Nets in the coming game time, the question about the championship in the closest favorite price. But in the MVP discussion, such three-offs are – when it comes in Brooklyn in view of the Irving theme at all – difficult to assess: a trio works mostly if a player does not perform at the highest level and normally qualifies for the play Offs, what plays an important role in the MVP race. But players like Doncic, Embiid or Curry carry their team on their shoulders and are thus more valuable for the success of the team. That is why exactly these players mentioned above in the MVP question are probably the nose. Because what would Dallas Mavericks would be without Doncic? Probably no play-off team. What would the Nets were without James Harden or the Lakers without Anthony Davis? Maybe yet an ambitious title candidate.


The record of another non-American MVP could be quite set up in this season. With the reigning MVP Jokic, last year s Finals-MVP Antetokounmpo, Youngster Doncic and Embiid, four hot candidates on the title are not from the states. The narrower favorite price includes only curry from the USA – maybe Kevin Durant, the Star Trio in Brooklyn should actually be a duo in the end of Irving decimated at the end.