NBA News Dallas Mavericks Ex employee leder against the MAVs Like a high school

Haralabos Voulgaris, the former front-office staff of Dallas Mavericks, has led to the MAVs against the franchise after the far-reaching change in summer. He compared the Front Office of the Texans with a high school drama .

There were always many rumors in the workplace. One has heard certain things, all were very trapping. That was like in a manual working group, Voulgaris said in the espn Daily Podcast about his time at the MAVs.

Voulgaris was employed from 2018 until the summer of 2021 as Director of Quantitative Research and Development at the MAVs, but he should not have a good relationship with Franchise Star Luka Doncic and the former General Manager Donnie Nelson. This confirmed Voulgaris now.

I had no relation to other employees in the Front Office. That went so far that it became strange, said the 46-year-old, who has become rich with NBA bets. In this front office, everyone has only surrounded by people who did not represent a danger. I have only seen Nelson, and he was always nice and warm to me, but behind my back he has me, I think, seen as a danger He had felt that Nelson wanted to get rid of him.

Voulgaris pointed rumors, he has influenced the rotation and the starting lineup of Head Coach Rick Carlisle. He confirmed a difficult relationship with Doncic. The is said to have been disappointed by voulgaris when he left his seat shortly before the end of a game in which the MAVs backed back.

He himself did not see this as a problem, but was insulted that nobody has used for me. Under colleagues, he was allegedly as arrogant, Voulgaris admitted that he often environs with his kind: Many people were angry that someone else has the team owner s ear and not.

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Voulgaris was brought to the boat in 2018 by Mark Cuban, before he was already active as a consultant for the MAVs, and should enjoy the trust of the team ownership and thus have won influence. His contract expired in the summer and was not extended in the course of the upheaval in the Front Office. Also Nelson or Coach Carlisle left the franchise. Now the former Nike Executive Nico Harrison leads the Front Office of the MAVs.