Wow Lore Special Was there a fifth old God in Azeroth

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In Wow: Shadowlands do not role the old gods. C Thun, Yogg Saron and Y Shaarj have been dead for a long time, and N zoth s dream of the Black Empire was dreamed in BFA. Or not? The death of the old gods in World of Warcraft was not for nothing, after all, they drained us from the dark machinations of a blank creature, which influenced the history of Azeroth in the last millennia out of the hidden.

The old gods in Wow

The story of the old gods in World of Warcraft is a bit confusing. The reason for this are the numerous contradictions in the story, which in recent years for a lot of hot discussions in the WOW community. The powers of the emptiness originally played in the Warcraft Universe only a small secondary role. A long time no one knew how many old gods actually existed in Azeroth and how powerful they were in reality.

With the opening of Ahn Qiraj and the return of C Thun in Vanilla-Wow we stood towards a true old God for the first time. The encounter fell slightly spectacular from the view of a lore fan. We were able to throw a first look at the ruins of the Black Empire, that s it. Even in the Temple of C Thun there were only a few lore snippets to the old gods. Nobody could really imagine that they were so powerful.

With the progress of the story, the old gods in the Lore then played an ever bigger role. There would be Yogg Saron in Wrath of the Lich King, the old God, who turned out to be a true fateller. In Cataclysm we fought against the henchmen of the Shadowhammer Clan and Death Swinge, who once fell victim to the corruption of the old gods.

The dark sha, the remains of the old God y sharj, donated death and destruction in Mists of Pandaria. And in Battle for Azeroth, the old God n zoth rose from the depths of the ocean and showed in Ny alotha, the awakened city, finally his true face.

The big eat

In the Warcraft chronicles, the developers finally gathered all the lore puzzle pieces from recent years to a coherent overall picture. In the chapter on the Black Empire, they declared that the old gods have existed since the start of creation. The creatures are not a gods, but agents of the mysterious voids that they created as parasites to spoil the still unborn world senses. The soul of Azeroth, the sleeping Titanin, was a particularly coveted victim. Finally, she plays an important role in the prophecies of the emptiness.
G Huun is a bred creature and is not a real age of God. Source: Blizzard According to the chronicles, there were several old gods on Azeroth in front of Eänen. This subsequent information is therefore so important because the author does not name a precise number of creatures that opened up in Azeroth. Everything we learn from the chronicles about the arrival of the old gods is that their power hunger was infinitely and they fell over at the first opportunity like bloodthirsty beasts. In this survival vapor, the four old gods devoured their siblings and even in the age of the Black Empire c thun, Yogg Saron, Y Shaarj and N zoth constantly led war against each other.

Hides a fifth god in the picture?

The image of Warcraft chronicles shows five old gods. Source: God This chaotic story summarized Blizzard well in a picture in the Warcraft chronicles. On this illustration, the coat of arms of the Shadowhammer Clan can be seen, which protrudes over the ruins of the black empire. The four old gods hide in the middle of the picture or lean around the edge. In this pretty frame is next to C Thun, Yogg Saron, Y Shaarj and N zoth to see another creature that looks the same size and impressive as the enclosed old gods. Was not there four in the history of WOW, but five great old gods?

Look at the graphic. The unknown old God in the right corner of the picture is reminiscent of Cthulhu, a terrible nature from the fantastic stories of the American writer H.P. Lovecraft. Well, this little picture could be a small Easter Egg and a tribute to the creepy Cthulhu myth, the Blizzard s authors once served as a template for the old gods in WoW. But we assume that in the picture actually an old God can be seen. The best proof of this is the story of Xal ATath, the dagger of the shadow priest.

The disappeared old god

This old God is surrounded by skulls and tendrils. Does this being have something to do with the circulation between life and death? Source: God Who in WoW: Legion was traveling as a shadow priest, by way of artifact research, the individual chapters of the history of Xal ATATH gradually released and free. According to the ancient recordings, the mysterious dagger was created from the claw of an old God in the dark era of the Black Empire.

Which God was exactly what we do not know today. One of many theories states that Y Shaarj left his priests his own claw for the sacrificial rituals. In another history, however, from another old God, the speech, which was devoured by his siblings and from that only this one claw left. Is this disappearant old God to see in the picture? Was Xal ATATH his name?

No matter which God once belonged to the Kralle: Fact is that Xal atath has its own will. In Legion, Xal ATATH spoke about the old gods, they (Xal atath enters in BFA in the shape of a void oil) but no particular God preferred. She stepped up until the end as an independent being. Xal ATATH s type to talk and their appearance did not really fit the brutal image of Y Shaarj, and so the guess is suggested that she was once actually an independent old God. Her supposed death may seem cruel at first glance, but for Xal ATath, this fate as a true blessing proved.
Xal ATath forged in BFA with N zoth a pact. She may return to the emptiness if she delivers our hero to the old God. Source: God

Knowledge is power

While C Thun, Yogg Saron, Y Shaarj and N zoth, mourned millennia in the prisons of Titans, collected Xal atath diligent knowledge that appeared as irrelevant to their siblings. Instead of subjecting the mortals, she learned from them. The exciting at Xal ATATH s story is that it looks at the cosmos from another angle than the other old gods that failed with her dream of the Black Empire. It takes more than a few whisperings and cults to conquer Azeroth. Xal ATATH knows that the mission – to spoil the world sensel – requires more sophistication. In this cosmic game, the big old gods do not fit in anymore. Therefore, in the future you will not play a big role in the story of World of Warcraft (Buy Now 14.99 €).

Xal atath disappeared in BFA in the emptier portal and no one knows when and how she will return. Will she share her knowledge with the voids or continue to play a separate game? Xal ATATH is similar in many aspects of Elune. Finally, the moon goddess surrounds as much a mystery.

Gods gameplay (PC Game, 1991)

It is possible that Blizzard already solves this puzzle in the next WOW extension. Consider that the voids with Xal ATATH have won a small lead in the fight against the light and the other cosmic powers. The big question, which is currently in the room, is whether Xal athath has considered the wrong game of the horror lords with their plan or not.

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