Call of Duty Vanguard War photographers shoot for charitable purposes Ingame

Two war photographers demonstrate in a video published today, as they create professional photos in a video game. There are chic shots from the campaign of the WW2 offshoot Call of Duty: Vanguard , which will appear on 5 November.

Revenues of the sold photos are donated

It is a special action in which all revenue scored to the charity of Activision ( Call of Duty Endowment ) is donated. Here, donations are collected, with which war veterans are supported in the search for a new workplace. Since its foundation, more than 90,000 job agencies have been financed.

Alex Potter and Sebastiano Piccolomini, so the names of the two, were already in a variety of crisis areas for professional reasons. For a different photo shoot, they recently invited them from Activision to their motion capturing studio. Cutual photo shoots have emerged that show impressive moments from the new campaign.

In the video we observe how the two have proceeded. A special camera is used, with which you immerse yourself in the war areas of the Vanguard campaign. In the game, the Photogrammetry system is used, which allows a more realistic representation of humans and venues.

I was impressed, like kinetics and it was all that was. For us photographers, such a conflict looks, says Piccolomini with.

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From this day, the shot photos are auctioned on clear trading. At the end of the video the pictures can be seen shortly:

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