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Surely that was the intention, so the absence of weight novelties or the relative weight of the novelties does not go to everyone badly to the new model OLED of Nintendo Switch . The jump is so small that when you have it in my hands and see how big it is surprising: it is the same switch, but every change makes it better in ways that it makes it difficult to resign after trying it.

It is a simple tactic and with its background (the users of smartphone can give faith, that is, many people), but never until now had existed a hardware as updatable as switch. The OLED screen is the most quantifiable test of the new benefits of this model, because it is the one that has the most visible figures, without the figures of making an easy joke. Without increasing the size of the console body, the screen extends towards the edges up to 7 inches, an increase that remains in the decimals (the original has a screen of 6.2 ) but it is noted; Not like when you spend a tiny monitor to a large TV, but it s a bit more everywhere that is doing very well.

Those commented colors are what they do most about convincing. It is evident why he has confided both Nintendo in Metroid Dread (a tremendously solid game in the technical and visual, clear and full of different environments in which to check the virtues of the new screen), but the truth is that the improvement is remarkable in Any game: from Super Mario Odyssey or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to other older than Bayonetta 2 or much older as Castlevania: Circle of the Moon or Yoshi s Island. The depth of black, the vividness of colors and luminosity are checked very well at Tetris Effect: Connected, another of the games that were published in Switch at the same time as the new model: the passage of the infinite darkness of space to the explosions of colors and lights that form many of the funds on which the game is developed is magnificent, a fantastic way to access the game that adapts very well to the smallest dimensions of this screen, against televisions or monitors in the That we play when it came out in other consoles and PC.


The new delivery of Metroid is one of the most exhausting games of the series, especially if we think about the classic 2D games. Each area surprises with new colors, light effects and visual tricks of all kinds, in which colors and their uses play a very important role; Hence, it is a good way to release the OLED model.

It is also a game that is especially clear in the new screen: it is a clarity that is nice to see a little bigger. The difference is substantially lower if you play on a television, of course, but as a contact with the virtues of the OLED screen of the new Switch model is unbeatable.

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Tetris Effect: Connected

I really liked that Enhance will promote this new port of Tetris Effect with videos of what really interests: performance. The rest we already know: it is one of the best versions of Tetris that have been published so far, in this case with the plus of portability.

What is lost is smaller enough to be close to the anecdotal; It is a port that is surprising by being so solid, in which weight cuts are not perceived that affect the experience. It is an ideal companion for Switch s OLED model, too, by how it relies on great contrasts and light and color shows, which get along very well with the new screen. The same happens with the sound, so important in this delivery, or with the HD vibration, used with a good unusual taste (although there has been improvements in that.

The sound is better, for mentioning other changes, and to check it also works very well Tetris Effect; Actually Metaid Dread has little to say in that aspect, although in this there is a less explicit leap than on the screen. They are interesting, in any case, the details about how the sound has been improved without the battery consumption will increase dramatically and its useful life decreased; On that topic, the battery, there are fewer changes, although there are also differences with the original model of 2017. From three to six hours that were promised at that time we have gone to a fork between four and a half and nine hours , with Breath of the Wild and its five and a half hours estimated as an official example. It depends on the game, of course, but in my case the years began to notice my Switch 2017, which has also many more hours than I dare to confess. It is not a clear motive to replace a console that otherwise works well by the most recent model, but once given the jump it is very appreciated.

In general I have had that feeling with this OLED model: if I ask for advice a friend, I would not dare to talk about these improvements, a separate screen, as definitive to justify the purchase, but personally I would prefer not to go back. I would prefer, if you have to choose, that this OLED model replaced the original as soon as possible: it is the same switch, he said before, but it becomes strange to touch the original model now that I have the hands used to the back metallic surface, which goes from side to side and unfolds to serve as support when playing in desktop mode; I am not very playing like that, but I greatly appreciate the sensation of that metal by holding the console.


Let s go to the important thing: How can Bayonetta 2 see in the new switch?

The example may seem as a joke (although Bayonetta 2 is a very suitable game for an OLED screen: vibrant, full of powerful colors and strong contrasts), but it is appropriate to comment on a very present type of game in switch: more or less old, On one or even two generations ago, reissued without many changes or with mild improvements regarding their original versions. Bayonetta 2 originally came out in Wii U; Although playing it in Switch OLED does not suppose any jump about that version of 2014, the truth is that it has never been better.

It is something that can be applied to many of the games that have gone relaunch in Switch over these years; The difference shows, and a lot, when you see it with your own eyes.


The SWITCH catalog is full of pixel art ; By independent games that work this style today, but also by the classics who pulled sprite when there was no other left.

Also here the screen is a long time, as you will know who had a vita on your day. It is a joy see Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, a famous game for being too dark for Game Boy Advance screen, shine on this new panel; The catalog of Super Nintendo, even without filters (a small great heresy!), They are also very colorful. Others, such as Espgaluda II, benefit from the plus of screen size and also compatibility with accessories; The Flip Grip works (although it is not hooked at all; disadvantages of non-official, I imagine) and every tenth of inch account, although it is the greatest contrast, which ultimately achieves, improve readability.

Because otherwise it is the same switch, I insist, with all the good and all the not so good that has the successful hybrid console of Nintendo. I do not mind recognizing that it is the machine that is most convenient for me right now; I think it is a more or less habitual circumstance because by its own nature switch is very well adapted to the current rhythms, and not because I try it with special dedication (it just has apps; until two days ago it was not compatible with Bluetooth headset; it is a Console that goes quite a ball, I mean) but because in it the two nintendos, the Wii and DS and 3DS, in a very natural way, converge. It is not a console in which the halo or god of war are going to be launched that are spearhead on other platforms, obviously, but it is sufficiently versatile to be able to host games of all kinds, of all times, some more sausages that others; It is difficult not to have your limits present, although Nintendo knows how to appropriate to offer the type of software well designed around those limits to make up and give them less presence: it is the case of Luigi s Mansion 3, for example, or from the same Metroid Dread, in the That nothing is missing even if it is not hard to think about how they could scalar up.

It is a fantastic console, although it is evident that it could be better; Determine if you need it or it is not something that is beyond the scope of this articulite. Maybe that s why the improvements of the OLED model encourage both asterisks: the screen is better, but the asterisk is that the guts are the forever, and with them the performance of the games, unequal and not always optimal; The chassis is better, though, asterisk, only as far as it allows you to be the need to maintain (almost) total compatibility with the original haardware. It is a minor update, but the Pasitos palate that gives are from those who do not want to rest, honestly; As soon as the test, the OLED switch becomes the default model, the standard, the new normality. The big question, of course, is whether it is worth renewing your old switch and changing it by the OLED model. The truth is that there is no reasons to do it: all games are compatible, their performance is the same and news related to the battery, sound or dock (which now has Ethernet port) do not pose a radical change. But is it worth it? The answer, as it happens with the Smartphones , is out of the domains of an article of this type.