Champions League Haller as Haaland successor at BVB

Sébastien Romain Teddy Haller (born 22 June 1994) is a French-born Ivorian specialist footballer who plays as an ahead for Eredivisie club Ajax, as well as the Cream color Coast nationwide team.
He has formerly played for Auxerre, Utrecht, Eintracht Frankfurt and West Ham United.

In the course of the daily new speculation for a possible summer departure of Goal Haaland, Gorgebäger Erland dive into a names of possible successors in the hospitality district of Borussia Dortmund. Recently, the former Frankfurter Sébastien Haller, who meets on Tuesday evening with his current employer Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League on the BVB (from 21 clock in the live ticker), traded at the German Cup winner. But do both sides fit together?

Sébastien Haller fell on the big stage immediately. With his king class debut, the 27-year-old met four (!) Time and shot the Dutch Master Ajax so quasi single-handedly to 5: 1 (3: 1) -Abtswieges at summer departureing CP.

In the first game I games in the Champions League, I meet four times and will be chosen to the man of the game. It could not be better. That feels really great, revealed the visibly touched attackers in Dutch television and supplemented: That was a kind of dream. It was actually the best game of my career.

Since this particular evening in Lisbon stands Haller, who moved from 2017 to 2019 for the Frankfurt Eintracht on Goals Hunt and only switched to Amsterdam at the beginning of West Ham United, on a level with Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Marco Van Basten or Zlatan Ibrahimovic . They all met four times in Europe s most important club competition in a game.

Two weeks later, Haller even laid after, even at the 2-0 success of the Ajacids against Besiktas, who was born in France, but now for the Ivory Coast playing striker once successful.

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Haller could help the BVB summer departurey – but reservations remain

Of course before the direct duel with the BVB, rumors are now making an interest of the Westfalen on the Goalgetter the round. The portal Calciomercato.com brought Haller s name first into the game, shortly afterwards the summer departure Image confirmed the black-yellow advances.

And indeed: From a summer departureing point of view, a possible liaison between the offensive star and Borussia sounds quite sensible and charming.

Haller is a complete nineer who not only meets regularly, but also works a lot for the team and puts his teammates selflessly staging. In addition, he already knows the Bundesliga – certainly not the worst argument for the Dortmund Kaderplaners who are facing the tricky challenge to find a suitable successor to Tormaschinen Erling Haaland.

Sébastien Haller (M.) already met in the Bundesliga against the BVB

In the weighing of the for and against it, however, also stay with Haller certain reservations. Because: The Ivorer will be 28 years old in the coming June and would be truly not a bargain.

At the high value of the national player, Ajax coach Erik Ten Hag had no doubt in an interview with the summer departure Image . Over possible advances of Borussen, he said, I do not know Dortmund s plans. At Sébastiens class, I do not exclude that he is interesting for the BVB. What I can say: he would be very expensive.

Ajax vs. BVB also the duel Haller vs. Haaland

Since Haller has signed in Amsterdam by 2025 and transferred to 22.5 million euros the most expensive new acquisition of club history, BVB would actually have to reach deep into the pocket to convince the Dutch master of a transfer.

After his rather mixed guest match at West Ham, the former Frankfurter found back to his game at Ajax and made themselves indispensable in the team. A look at the numbers confirms that: in 35 inserts since the beginning of the year Haller was involved in 33 goals directly (24 hits, nine templates).

On Tuesday evening, he could make himself tastier for the BVB. In the Top Game of Group C Hallers Direct Googner-Duel with Erling Haaland play a crucial role.

If the AJAX attacker continues its impressive series in the premier class, he automatically makes it even more attractive to Europe s top clubs. At the same time, Dortmund s decision makers can close up with a picture of Hallers qualities and estimate in the live comparison with Haaland, whether he is on a comparable level.

However, the 27-year-old should not endanger the hoped-for group victory of the BVB. It does not have to be a four-pack right away.

Heiko Lükehus