TSG Professional Bassinhoo wins the finale of Esport Cup Esport Grind Week

465 players appeared against each other for five days in five different cups. Although a professional satisfied in the end with Bassinhoo , but as in the DFB Cup, one or the other underdog managed to draw attention and care for a surprise.

Five days, five cups, 2,500 euros prize money – and in the end the big winner Jan-Luca bassinhoo bass was called. The Esportler of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim sat in the final, where the four day winners of Cups participated, against Luca Luccex Hinrichsen with 4: 0 and Sean Sean ldw07 Landwehr with 3: 1 through.

At the beginning of a new season, I am looking forward to every Cup, especially about the bass with such a high prize pool, and praised the Esport Cup approach both in the 90s and in FUT mode to play. For me both are relevant to me, So the club player. He cut very differently, depending on which mode decry.

Overall, there were 2,500 euros prize money and headsets to win. Esport Cup Esport

In the Esport Cup Esport Grind Week, it was for professionals and ambitious gamers to test their skills in the still young season. So that is worth it, the Esport Cup praised a prize money of 500 euros every day a week. For the secondary placed there was the high quality headset recon 500 headset – Arctic Camo of Turtle Beach.

With its prize money, Bassinhoo , TSG s VBL starter knew something directly: FIFA Points and Packs. And seemingly brought the Esport Cup prize money luck: because from a pack he moved Cristiano Ronaldo.

Edge victories of Luccex ends in the final

The bass could come so far, seemed unlikely to the first cup that was played in the 90s mode. There he ruled out already in the second round. Much better, on the other hand, it ran for his later Grand Final Contrainstuff Luccex .

The 16-year-old was able to play in the final with the exception of quarter-finals with edge worship. For the very big litter, however, it was not enough: Jannis Jistennsq Pütz kept in a final endpiece contained until the end with 2: 1 the upper hand. Thus, the Esportler would have allowed the SC Paderborn to compete in the final tournament, but it was prevented, which is why it was still a starting place on Friday.

Daily victory by open

In FUT mode, however, the bass was significantly stronger and could, among other things, in three games without conceding to the final. There, Daniel HSV Daniel7 Dwelk, who previously hit Iqonics Joe JH7 Hellmann, suggested 4-0. But the motto was waiting, because Dwelk did not arrive in the final, which the Hoffenheimer got a daily victory by freils.

Although DWELK tried again in the third Cup, which was held again in the 90s mode, but here was already in the round of two. Knapped, he had to be beaten with 1: 2 against his Teampartner Steffen Fifafunino pound. With a victory in the Lokalderby this seemed insurmountable, but eventually failed at the day winner Sean Sean LDW07 Landwehr in the semifinals.

The final should finally be for the VBL runners from 2019, Leon mrkrassle Krasniqi, the ticket to the day win. However, for him, for him through three frictions, there was hardly a play flow, which may be to be disadvantageous. In the final Sean LDW07 Krasniqi ultimately brought a secure 3: 1 home.

Max 999K in Torlaune – except in the final

In the fight for the last ticket for the final round, which was played again in FUT mode, Bochums Alex VFL Xander Steinmetz went to the start. Without great difficulties, he played himself to the semi-finals and became strong strongly in the defensive.

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The fourth Cup, however, caused some surprises. RaphiaSK14 was ultimately cracked the defensive of Steinmetz met in the final on Max 999K . He showed across the day in Torlaune. A 4: 1 was already a LAME number. After a 7: 0, 5: 1 and 8: 2, there was no answer to the question of who could stop him.

Whether Raphiask14 would have been a candidate remains unclear, because here too, the final remained without a game, whereby the Austrian immediately remained a daily victory shortly before goals.

Strong opponents

In the tournament of the winners, on the last day of the Esport Cup Esport Grind Week, the later champion then made his ambitions demonstrated: 4: 0 he shot the winner of the first day Luccex .

In the second semifinals, Raphiask14 and Sean LDW07 divided terrible 3: 5. A worthy opponent for Jan-Luca Baß? So it seemed, both came to their chances, but bass made two goals more and was able to secure the overall victory with 3: 1.

Overall, it was a very good exercise with strong opponents and I am looking forward to my first success in the still young season! Bass summarized. He sacks a total of 1000 euros prize money and the good feeling to have some access to the mechanics of the new FIFA part. This tournament is not connected to Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors and is not sponsored by them.