FIFA will seek to end the exclusive association with Electronic Arts

FIFA, which is the largest organization in the world in terms of ruling the game of football (soccer, for those of the United States), could soon seek to end its exclusive relationship with Electronic Arts. Since the 1990s, FIFA and EA have worked with each other to create a series of annual entries in the ongoing simulation soccer franchise. And although it is likely that this relationship between the two continue in the future, FIFA has made it clear that you may not seek to work only with EA as time passes.

In a recent publication of FIFA website, the entity explained that he wants to expand his own reach within the world of the game. To do so, this means that it will now seek to associate with other organizations outside of EA, which has been the owner of the exclusive license of many teams and soccer players in the world in recent history. «FIFA is optimistic and is excited about the future of games and sports for football, and it is clear that this should be a space that is occupied by more than a part that controls all rights, said the organization . FIFA will adopt a new commercial positioning in games and electronic sports to ensure that it is in the best position to make decisions that benefit all stakeholders in football.

The publication continued to explain how this movement by FIFA is one that those responsible feel that must be done to fully capitalize the inherent opportunities that have been emerging in recent years. The statement also added: Technology companies and mobile devices now compete actively to partner with FIFA, its worldwide platforms and tournaments. Consequently, FIFA is getting involved with several industry actors, including developers, investors and analysts, to build a long long-term vision of the Games Sector, Electronic Sports and Interactive Entertainment. The result will ensure that FIFA has a range of suitable parties with specialized capabilities to actively form the best experiences and offers possible for fans and consumers .

At this time, it is not clear what will happen directly between EA and FIFA. EA already made it clear a few weeks ago that it could even change the name of its annual soccer series instead of renegotiating a new agreement with FIFA. It is still to be seen when these changes would really end up outrasing, but it seems that we should learn more about all this situation in the coming weeks.

How would you feel when you see FIFA work with other game companies out of EA to create new football games? Is this something that you think could only result in a positive change? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.