Predator Hunting Human Grounds and Predators Classes

Alejandro Balde, né le 18 octobre 2003 à Barcelone, est un footballeur espagnol qui évolue au poste d arrière gauche au FC Barcelone B.

Predator: Hunting grounds offers an elite team working together to overcome an enemy team and trying to fill various goals while being driven out by the extraterrestrial predator apex, hidden in the shadow. The human squad consists of four different classes, each with a different role and purpose capable of providing evolution in a mortal team. There are four human classes and three predator classes. All will not be available when the game will be available for a limited time for the test weekend from March 27-29. We will update these missing classes when the game will be released on April 24 for Playstation 4 and the PC via the Epic Games Store.



For those who are new predator: Hunting Grounds, the assault class is a standard and solid choice if you still learn the mechanics. It has a complete ventilation of statistics, making it an excellent starting experience. You want to place the assault in front of the squad, focusing on the removal of combat goals and leading the mission to move forward. The purpose of the assault is to achieve the goals, keeping the team on its guard.


At the time of writing these lines, we did not know the Class Recon too much. It will not be presented at the preader: Free beta weekend hunting grounds. However, when we learn more about how this class fills the team, we will update this part of our class guide.


If you prefer to stay light on your feet and can cover the card in a short time, the scout is your perfect choice. You normally want to stay at a longer distance than the other classes, staying out of the fight until you know that you can win. You can use your versatility to your advantage and combine it with an optimal weapon to surprise enemies and short.


Nobody from the team support class that can receive the most enemy fire shots, preventing other teammates from being affected and undergoing the most damage. They have the most points of life and resistance to the damage, which places them in the foreground of the fight when things become heavy. They will not be able to inflict the most damage, but they can cover fire and save each teammate.



The predator faction hunters class is the apex stalker. They are able to adapt to all situations in which they are, to move with their prey, invisible to all. You will have access to the Plasma Caster for long-distance meetings, wrists for close battles, infrared vision to track targets and camouflage to stay in the shadows until the time has come.

Berserker and Scout

For the moment, only the predator hunter class will be available during the test weekend. We will learn more about these courses when preform: hunting grounds out on April 24th.