NEW WORLD When Amazon does not implement a minimum make it the players

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In NEW WORLD you support you navigate only a compass at the top of the screen as you know it from playing like Skyrim. This usually performs good work, but when it comes to walking around a mountain or find the right crafting station in the city, it can be a bit annoying. Especially because the card is not automatically focused on the city when entering them. A feature that desirably wishes to reddit.

Some new MMOS players want to be visually supported on their journey that they created their own minimap for the game and integrated them in New World (Buy 39.99 €). The minimap of the reddit user morbrid is really well suited and therefore received the deserved recognition on the social media platform, with numerous awards and Likes.

Currently there are some problems in New World, as players are blocked, for example, unjustified. Amazon himself is probably not sure if automated banns exist in the game, but on third-party software many companies are not good to speak.

According to Morbrid, there should be no problems with the minimap due to the program that is used for this:

The minimap runs with Owolf and is the only process that is running. I think Overwolf is on the whitelist of the anti-cheat, so I would say that it is unlikely to be locked.

So far, Amazon has not published official opinion on the MINIMAP or any plans announced to integrate my own Minimap into the game. However, if the fan-minimap of Morbrid be allowed, that would be a true game chance

From Daniel Link
15.10.2021 at 18:23