NEW WORLD Annoyed players develop their own Minimap

Although Addons are very widespread in other MMOs, Amazon developers have decided not to support them in New World for the time being. The MMO should provide more or less the same experiences for all players. This also works mostly quite well. Nevertheless, there are some places where many players want support – for example, in terms of clarity of the map. The developers have fully dispensed with a minimum to increase immersion. However, this leads to many players for confusion, especially within the settlements. The actual card of the game helps only conditionally, as you always have to zoom in manually and cumbersome in your own settlement and in felt half of the cases the settlement of a war is obscured before -Tooltip is obscured.

Therefore, two ambitious players have now been together and their own minimap developed and published shortly. This shows you a small cutout of the actual card permanently in your interface. This is very practical and likely liked most players. NEW WORLD: Annoyed players develop their own Minimap Addon (2) Source: game

Does Amazon react to the Minimap Addon?

But questionable, how Amazon reacts. On the one hand, you do not want to have such addons known in the game, on the other hand, the minimap runs via Overwolf – an anti-cheat software set by Amazon to a kind of white list, whose functions are not likely to be seemed. In addition, the minimap does not interact directly with the game, but just interacts the coordinates operating within the game and an external program then puts the card through the New World window.

You should nevertheless be careful. It is unlikely, but it is likely that you could be punished for use with a spell. If you still want to try it yourself, the addon will find newworldminimap.com.

On the other hand, the rapid spread of addons could also ensure that the developers move away from their strict attitude. You will probably not allow all addons as in a wow, but perhaps the decision on a waiver of the minimap again reconsider.

Do you miss a minimap in New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) Or does not you belong to those who have been permanently running in the settlements and always have to look where is what craft station is? Betray us in the comments!


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