20th anniversary Ubisoft Fire Wire Hunting limited time free of charge large PVP shooting new work synchronization public

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ubisoft in today (6), announced its tactics shooting Wire Hunter FireWire Hunting welcomes the 20th anniversary, open large-scale celebrations, limited time to Fire Wire Hunting , Fire Wire Hunter Kill: Wilderm – Phantom Dolc and Fire Wire Hunting: Desperate – Deep Government Adventure .

I Destroyed the World with this Vault

From now until 1 o clock in the morning of October 12, players can receive Fire Wire Hunting and Fire Wire Hunting: Wildermat – Phantom Punction DLC (DLC) DLC (DLC) DLC (DLC) Only can play).

As for the FireWire Hunting: Desperate – Deep Government Adventure is the need to enter the fireworks hunting: desperate , choose the store expansion content free.

In addition, the official publicly opened a large PVP shooting Wire Hunter Ghost Recon Frontline and the first promotional film in the same world of FireWire Hunting .

In Fire Wire Hunting: Front Action , players will form three teams, and hundreds of players in the world Open World Dragon Guide in the world Dragon Guide , use strategies, collect intelligence and complete tasks. The production team said that in order to strengthen the immersion of players play, the first person s perspective of the Wire Hunter is carried out.

Fire Wire Hunting: Frontline Action PC version closed test precedes the opening of Europe, the Wire Hunter will be on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and Luna, all platforms support cross-platform play function .