If you exceed these puzzles without help you are geniuses the most difficult riddles of videogames

The puzzles have become a classic video game mechanics Virtually since birth, some of the most important games of history have based their gameplay totally in them, Classics like Tetris or based on it, as columns , they built a whole game philosophy based on puzzle concept .

Some sagas converted these complex riddles into identity hall Video games deepened more in this concept and with it, more complex riddles , becoming essential pillars of some genres or small integrated tests within videogames that did not base Your gameplay on them. Some sagas converted these complex riddles into a franchise identity hall , as in the case of Saga The Legend of Zelda, where their dungeons are elaborated puzzles that have different phases and combine multitude of mechanics. Some of them have been challenges worthy of being included in this list, it is the case of the water temple, famous for its difficulty, but our hero of time we already dedicate an exclusive special for the dungeon.

There are a multitude of ingenious puzzles, some that break the fourth wall Throughout the history of videogames, we have been able to see Crowd of ingenious puzzles , some of them, although they were not too complex, Based on A blow of effect that broke the fourth wall , games like Metal Gear Solid and its combat against Psycho Mantis , in which we should deduce that the right way to avoid the anticipation of the villain was using The second player port . He also played with this concept the classic Sega Mega Drive X-Men game, where reached a point of the adventure we should press the reset button of the console to get a restart that should be taken within the story of the play. The effect of fold the screen in Laninndo DS with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, or previously with Another Code: Two Memories and Hotel Dusk: Room 215, were others from the puzzles that played with this idea.

What Makes a Good Puzzle?

We wanted to collect some of the most famous puzzles for their difficulty , those for whom there is always a guide or a new explanation, those puzzles that went to the story for being especially heavy, complex or surprising, but we have Discarded the hated puzzles for being ambiguous or because their difficulty lies in a bad design . We know that some puzzles have desperate and when you have solved them, more than satisfaction, what you have felt is a greater anger and frustration. Some examples of them are the one of monkey and the spanner at The Secret of Monkey Island 2 , in which a forced word game with Monkey Wrench , left out of the joke to any country that was not English speaking And it became really crazy until it has the solution, or the goat of Broken Sword , where poor execution and rapid movement mechanics never raised so far in the game, left fully lost to the players.

We have compiled some of the most famous puzzles for their difficulty, those who are always remembered On this occasion, on our list, we wanted to have some Puzzles who left us jammed months , with which we had Resort to guidelines or close friends, some that we also end up resolving testing and error, and with which only a few, managed to resolve after much observation and deduction. These are our favorites , but surely you remember some who gave you so much headache or more than those present here What are the puzzles with which you have stayed more stuck?