Untamed Isles New Monster collected 2 5 million zlotys

A few days ago ended downstairs to Untamed Isles – Monster Hunting and Taming, Turn-Based Monster , which in many respects resembles a pokemonic title (comparisons at the moment are the most on site).

The creators wanted to collect 200,000 New Zealand dollars, but their project attracted such an interest that the final amount was more than four times greater.

Untamed Isles generated in total NZ $ 840,994, which consists of 2.4 million zlotys.

Success through great S .

Now, however, the basic issue arises – or with such a budget, such a back-up and such trust (on the part of the community), will be able to bring the matter to the end and release Untamed Isles in a full-fledged form?

Well, you know well that with kickstarter, generally, with crowdfunding titles differently. Some are scammed, some can not start up to 10 years since the completion of the collection.

Yes Pefrix wrote about this game:

As part of the game, we will meet other players, caught the creatures, caught them, trained, and also took part in the Turkish skirmishes. Of course turn. Housing will appear, collecting objects and rallies.

Untamed Isles will use Blockchain technology and allow you to turn items from the NFT tokeny games that we will sell on any auction, turning them in this way in real cash. Developers ensure that in this way we will be able to trading not only to creators or ordinary objects, but also titles gained for various activities. The creators, however, are marked that their model play to earn does not assume that the player must use Kryptowalut / Blockchain technology to play. Without this element, Untamed Isles will still be fully accessible.

The project will offer the opportunity to combine creatures into new species, and otherwise it will offer 15 types / elements. Beings consist of seven elements, which will allow almost infinite combinations . New creatures created in this way will inherit different statistics / genes, as well as different types, which will breeding will be an important part of the fun.

We will be able to hold only 6 beings with you, and the fight focus on skirmishes 1 on 1. There will be 2 on 2 and 3 modes on 3 in some fun elements, allowing cooperation and competition of team teams.