Destiny 2 fulfills fans for years of desire thus reading trouble

Indestiny 2 ensure the trials for records, but now wet streamers against the praised PVP mode and more and more average players also scold that bungie breaks everything after just one week.

Destiny 2 has revised the trials (exams of Osiris) in the current Season 15 and the otherwise elitary PVP mode made the guardian favorite. The changes arrived great and brought bungie records.

But Bungie continued directly and brought more changes a week later, which have been demanded sometimes for years. Now an innovation ensures that among the keepers breaks out a small civil war: Streamer vs. Normalos and Bungie also somehow mixes with the dispute.

This is the required change: Since Saturday, September 18, Destiny 2 splits the Trials players in 2 groups:

Group 1: Guardian who made immaculate. So 7 victories without defeat in the trials brought and thus allowed to the legendary lighthouse. Since the finest PVP Loot is waiting, you get chic emblems to specify and the equipment lights up.
Group 2: Guardians who have not yet made a flawless-run (flawless) no longer meet the 7-fold winners.

That s exactly what many guards have wished for years. You just have it full to be farmed again and again from the PVP gods. The bad and average players sometimes only felt as a springboard so that others could reach the prestigious lighthouse several times a week.

Community is in the Civil War about Trials Matchmaking

What s the problem now? The loudest scream the streamer, Content Creator and PVP Assse, as these are now after a fixed immaculate run on Friday, all weekend over only in sweaty lobbies. So it is only possible under great effort (or luck) to draw other players in the following days to the lighthouse or relax content for their canal. Such carry services are a popular type of fan interaction and certainly for some a source of revenue.

On the other hand we have the average players. These keepers dare thanks to the much more accessible trials in droves in PVP mode and celebrate successes. First it is a party for you, because with every elapsed day, the trials are almost easier. Since more and more better players land in the immaculate pot, even solo victories are feasible.

So you can now achieve much easier than normalo the lighthouse dignity, is happy and is really inspired.

Stays Destiny 2 too well, your account is poisoned for a week

Due to the first immaculosity, his love for the trials has been discovered, one wants to continue playing.

After all, it rains after 7 wins and immaculate ticket after each round loose gained.
The great trials engrams are then invested in equipment that one has been jealous for years.

That s why the ticket is poisoned: But exactly these players race against a wall: they are now also in the immaculate pool and see no country here. Many listen quickly, get no further victory, so hardly any other loot. If you play in the exquisite group, you meet almost only recorded 3-teams, otherwise someone else can exist. Even a character change does not help, the whole account is now immaculate

Normalos make unnerved. Only the next weekend you have a chance on victory and Loot. Even if you want to play with other average guardian, this is almost impossible if you once were immaculate. Because only a spotless player in the team is enough to pilot everyone in the immaculate pool.

Bungie mixes in discussion about experiments in exams of Osiris

The well-known Destiny expert Mercules904, which still strikes with elaborate tables and analyzes, scolds that bungie kills the replayability of the trials. Especially with the number of matches played, Bungie brought himself last week.

Now they sacrifice all that even bad players come to the lighthouse. And that s exactly what Bungie should also be opened openly and the matchmaking changes can not be solved otherwise than (via Twitter), which is bullshit .

That s what the developer says: In the entertainment on Twitter, Bungies Community Manager Dylan shows DMG04 Gaffner.

DMG04 realizes that Bungie encloses the community light and asks why not just call bullshit, only if you do not agree.
If the Trials changes are poorly accepted – by feedback and player data – Bungie would meet further changes if necessary.
DMG04 then continues and says that he was not quite distinguished, which would be playable now again as a bad player lasting 0 to 5 (Via Twitter).

Incidentally, Bungie has already announced that the trials launched on September 24 have a few innovations: a new zone mode is to be tested and you no longer see in the game search, whether you are afraid of soloists or teams. Also interesting: 7 unwritten laws from Destiny 2 – Do you think you all? The composer of Destiny must pay bungie around $ 100,000 and does not find that good A weapon is damned in Destiny 2 – even in Season 15 Telesto must be deactivated How do you see that – you came to the lighthouse for the first time in these trials, did you realize that the top players were missing? Or do you quickly use the chance to stress the out-thinneen player pool? Or are you rather on the side of the streamer and casual players who were looking forward to beautiful several days in the exams of Osiris?