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The Trials of Osiris a popular PvP mode were in Destiny 1, functioned inDestiny 2 but never really. Until now. With new changes in the mode reached record levels and is today., Even better at 17.9.

This is the mode:

The Trials of Osiris is a competitive PvP mode, which came early to Destiny 1, and the PvP coined there. Teams of three rangers competed against each other: the goal was to play flawless , nine times to win in a row without losing once. Then you could fly to the Lighthouse and einheimsen special rewards. The concept created great excitement, embittered matches, frustration and a lot of ambition. The mode was active only on weekends
In Destiny 2, the mode was indeed back, but could not convince. This was the successor especially on weaker overall PvP. Also, cheats and hacks made the mode problematic. Therefore, the Trials were suspended for a long time.
In Season 15 Bungie has revised the mode thoroughly and the mode is 2 popular in Destiny than ever.

So popular are the Trials are now: As statistics shows were played more matches Trials last week than ever before in the history of Destiny 2. Although Destiny 2 in 2021 fewer players than the release and less participate in the Trials, each participating guardians play a lot more matches than before.

The Trials have become by changes accessible and not quite as mercilessly as before.

105 000 for the first time immaculately

That says Bungie to the success Bungie celebrates these changes in one blog post. They say:

750,000 players have played the exams – 120,000 of them for the first time. 470,000 of them after a long absence Trials
237,000 players and players reached Flawless – 105,000 of them for the first time ever.

As of Saturday Flawless is probably more difficult

These are the new changes: Already on Friday, 17.9, are new changes to the Trials are active:

Bungie will enable penalties for giving up . If you leave too many games, gets a 30-minute break.
Players who reach 7 wins, now wait too long for new opponents. Therefore, Bungie will create its own pool for flawless Matchmaking . The pool will on Friday afternoon (in the US – so rather Saturday morning here) are active.
For weaker players will also be protected also by the Flawless-killers who then fight among themselves.
Players who lose too often will get a help, so deliberately weak teams will be drawn so that they also attract times. But as soon as they win, this help is gone.

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This is amazing: You rub your eyes, how quickly Bungie can react suddenly. This is now knit all pretty rushed. The amendments were of players last week until desired.

Bungie also says because: They want to constantly monitor the changes and additional taxes in doubt. Apparently it is for Bungie particularly important that while more people immaculate reach than before, but it will not be easy given out that way. After creating the Trials flawless , should remain a special performance in Destiny second

As a successor for Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 of Gambit mode was actually once provided. There too hot matches are possible:

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