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After several ambitious projects were moved to the next year in the nearest past, it continued seamlessly this week.

At first, Techland’s leaders admitted that Dying Light 2 from December 2021 to February 2022 will be postponed . Subsequently, unconfirmed reports made the round in which a possible shift of the shooter Battlefield 2042 was talked about. Number three in the bundle is this week of the music title Rocksmith + from Ubisoft, who should actually be released in the fall of this year. However, it will not come anymore.

Feedback The user should be considered

Instead, Ubisoft acknowledged in a current statement that Rocksmith + is needed a little more development time and therefore move to a non-detailed date of the coming year. The official justification states that the responsible developers should be offered sufficient time to deliver a title with Rocksmith + , which qualitatively meets internal standards.

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In addition, the developers will use the additional development time to analyze the user feedback from the closed beta and inflow into the final version of Rocksmith + . A new release date should be mentioned if the title approaches its completion and can ensure that there are no further shift.

Enclosed the official statement of Ubisoft to shift Rocksmith + .

A Message to Our Rocksmith Community Rocksmith pic.twitter.com/q65ic1phoo

  • ubisoft uk (@ubisoft uk) September 14, 2021

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