Fortnite season 8 trailer of history and first clues about the future

The new season 8 of Fortnite opens its doors with a panorama all overlooked apocalyptic. Dr. Slone managed to tear down the alien nodriza, which crashed into the ocean. But in doing so, he allowed dozens of giant purple cubes expand on the island. And it seems that they are far from being considered as peaceful.

As it is shown in the trailer of this eighth season, we can see that cubes cause havoc everywhere, lifting armies of purple robots, and determined to attack the inhabitants of the island. As soon as we get rid of alien invasion, they are murderous robots take over our nightmares in Fortnite.

You have to take into account the name of the Susodicha Season 8: Cubic . This is not a term that has been chosen at random, since it tells us where the shots of this season are going to go, with a clear wink to the word cube . In summary, these purple cubes are intended to take control of the island and bring despair. And against them you will have to fight during this Fortnite season.

Our only hope to reject this invasion? Well, the truth is that it could also appear at the end of the trailer, where we could see a diver exploring the seabed and discovering the foundation . This member of the seven, which seemed to have died in the ocean at the beginning of season 7 of Chapter 2, would eventually be alive. And if there is someone capable of saving this reality and all the others, it is undoubtedly.

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