The 10 most important changes to the new trials in Destiny 2 which you play from today

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The wrapping up entrance, titled Puzzle Jogger: The Death Treatment, was released on January 26, 2018.

Indestiny 2 start on 10 September the revision tests of Osiris. Elitary PVP mode should now be more accessible for all, throwing with guaranteed loot around, no longer punishes defeats. Meinmmo summarizes everything you need so you know if that is worthwhile for you in Season 15.

This is new: Tonight, on September 10, 2021 start the trials of Osiris in the new season 15. The wait was worth it, because Bungie donates the mode a complete rework – which was also necessary.

So, for example, guardians are having fun who are not a PVP gods and even PVE players should get rewards thanks to new rules and mechanics when they participate in accessible mode.

What are the trials in Destiny 2? In the Trials of Osiris (exams of OSIRIS), 2 teams come against each other from 3 guards. You can always take part in the PVP endgame from Friday from 19:00 to Tuesdays at 19:00.
Whoever wins 5 laps first, has won the match. It is important that a high powerlevel brings you benefits – as in the iron banner. Your contact for the mode is Saint-14 in the Hangar of the Tower. The trials have exclusive weapons and armor, which you only get there and belong to the best in the game. The mode is now being revised in Season 15, as it was previously too elitist and should now appeal to all guardians.

Thus, the tests of Osiris are revised in Season 15

Meinmmo briefly summarizes the most important changes to the end Game PVP mode. But we also show you where your detailed information gets and throw a look at the brand new trials weapon.

Trials is no longer free2play: To participate in the exams of Osiris, you must always buy the latest annual expansion. Currently the Beyond Light (beyond light) – from February 22, 2022 you then need Witch Queen (the Hexenkönigin). Thus, the so-called disposable accounts, which often fumbled, should be brought under control.
Saint-14 is revised: The Trials-NPC Saint-14 now works like the other dealers (Shaxx or Zavala). You only rising through participation in the mode in rank and switches so guarantees trials rewards. There are also 2 challenges with top loot per week.

In the trials it is no longer (only) for victories: Even if you lose a match, gets your reputation. Individual victories of rounds give call bonuses (who gains 5 rounds first wins the match). Your ticket is no longer running if you lost 3 times and also premiums should be with defeats in it.
New matchmaking: The new game search is supposed to look for opponents with the same skill and the same many wins on the ticket. Denk turn, the tickets now run much longer and are less often resetted.
Automatic anti-cheat starts today: The program Battleye should recognize and punish from all alone by itself.
CrossSplay must be activated for trials : Whether that means you must automatically play against other platforms, is not known. More about the new CrossSplay feature on Meinmmo.
New Round Rules: One round now lasts 90 seconds (previously 120) and you can not take a ammunition to the next round. You will receive something special ammunition at the start of each round. So the matches should run faster and get less (super).
You stay in the ego perspective: You can no longer simply switch to the 3rd person to give you an overview advantage (Three-Peeking). Both swords without ammunition as well as emotes are used in the trials in the ego view.

A detailed summary of all changes and accurate information about the conversion of Saint-14 and the matchmaking is here:


The trials should finally be worthwhile for all guards

You can also go to the new trials of Osiris flawless (immaculate), so 7 victories without defeat. So there is the master version of weapons. But much more accessible is the additional new Loot system.

So there’s specifically Loot: In addition to your victories, you now receive 2 styles of cool trials rewards: In ranking, your Trials Engrams focused on Saint-14 and should take influence on the content. You do not have to unlock the individual armor and weapons until they are in the Loot Pool.

If you reach you by call increase (ie only for the players in the trials) set ranks, you automatically receive rewards. These are upgrade materials such as ascendant fragments, but also weapons. The well-known (and hated) tokens are to be completely removed.

This weapon is new in Season 15: Reeds regret (narrow Reed’s regret) is a linear fusion rifle for the power slot and causes Stasis damage.

The weapon fits outstanding in the current sandbox, even in the PVE. Because of the seasonal mod particle design, fusion rifles are just the best weapons in the endgame. Reed’s regret brings some strong options for PvE: Schützlelin, Vorpal weapon, clown-partone and triple are ideal for bosses.

But even in the PVP, the weapon sounds really strong: Fixer train, tombstone and murderous wind let other guarders tremble. Who creates it in the trials on immaculate, only receives the better master version of Reed’s reparation.

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Are you tonight directly to the start of the new trials at the start? Do you think that Bungie has finally made the mode so accessible so that everyone has fun and yet also the PVP aceta requires enough? Tell us in the comments, with which weapons and classes you move into the exams.