Fortnite Warning Signals Locations Where to Place Warning Signs

This Fortnite Warning Signal Locations Guide will show you where to place warning signs around dirty docks , so you can accept the challenge of week 14 of chapter 2 of season 7.

You must place four of these signs in total around the island and you can find Fortnite warning signs in Pleasant Park, Misty Meadows and Dirty Docks. While you can place them anywhere you want, the easiest place to complete this challenge is Dirty Docks, as it is the only place that has four slots for warning signals.

Where to place warning signs in Fortnite – Challenge of the week 14

We have marked the four Fortnite warning signs at Dirty Docks on the map below:

Each number on the map also corresponds to each of the following warning signal locations that we list below, in case you need more orientation.

Warning sign n. ° 1.

Next to the forklift next to the northwest corner of the building with the three slopes on its roof.

Location of the warning sign n. ° 2 of Fortnite

Place Warning Signs All Locations - Fortnite
Behind the warehouse, at the northern end of the indicated location. There is graffiti throughout the North Wall, so it is easy to know that it has come to the right place.

Warning sign n. ° 3.

Near the parking wall in the center of Dirty Docks, near the two doors.

Location of Fortnite’s warning signal # 4

The Fourth and Last Fortnite Warning Sign in Dirty Docks is at the bottom of the cranes, just on the edge of the water.

Once you put four of these panels, you will complete this legendary mission and you will earn 30,000 xp to help improve your battle pass.

There you have the Locations of Fortnite warning signs needed to complete the challenge of week 14. To get more tips and tricks, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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