Limited time free Bike Stunt Action PC version Trials Fusion Distributed by Ubisoft Store held by Autum Sale

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Ubi Isofu is a Ubisoft Red Lynx Development Bike Racing PC Version Trials Fusion Regular version of free distribution of normal version, from Ubisoft Store to Japan 8:30 am on September 11th It started for a limited time.

Download is here from Ubisoft Store page or from Ubisoft Connect of launcher. Besides, Ubisoft Store has a number of games discounted sales of many games with start of Autumn Sale.

Trials Fusion is a liver work that tries to challenge the fault to be afraid in the bike’s fine attitude control. In addition to single play, compatible with match multiplayer. Also, the track editor characterized by the height of the degree of freedom that has become the topic at the time of at the time is also available.

Magic remodeled with Trials Fusion with editor! Bike racing game transformed into a first one-person viewing point act

Reproduce zombie mode of COD in Trials Fusion! ? I think I’m telling what you are saying …

Reproduce Minecraft in the Trials Fusion editor! ? Even a completely different game

Retro game character full of Trials Fusion Fanmaid’s original course