NFL News Seahawks and Jamal Adams allegedly agree on the four year contract of over 70 million

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The Seattle Seahawks and Jamal Adams have reportedly agreed on a four-year contract of over $ 70 million. According to insider Ian Rapoport, this would make him the best-paid safety of the NFL. With the new contract, Adams earned more than Justin Simmons annually by Denver Broncos, who previously the highest paid Safety of the league was and $ 15.25 million per season. Adams”s current contract that had expired after this season brought him $ 9.86 million a year. Articles and videos about the topic * Indianapolis Colts vs. Carolina Panthers I Preseason Week 1 * Experience the NFL live and on retrieval on Dazn. Get your free month now! * NFL Game Pass: Watch the Season Live! The Seahawks acquired Adams in July 2020 in a deal with the New York Jets and gave out round-round picks for 2021 and 2022.