The Gamescom 2022 has an appointment and returns as hybrid

The Gamescom 2021 was just finished in digital output and could celebrate some successes. With LiveStream events, announcements and other actions attempted to capture the trade fair. For 2022, however, a hybrid event is planned and the date is certain.

The Gamescom 2022 takes place in Cologne and online

When’s it going with the Gamescom 2022? As now announced, the next GamesCom will find from 24 . until August 28, 2022 .

As a hybrid event: In the previous planning, the next show will continue to set digital content, but in addition to a local trade fair. That was already the plan for this year, but due to the pandemic situation, only a digital variant of GamesCom took place.

Through the past fair, we could slowly make a picture of how the digital part can look like a hybrid event. Especially the live streams, which could address almost 13 million viewers this year, are a means to make the fair even more international.

Successful show: Alone the GamesCom Opening Night Live was viewed by 5.8 million people (30% more for the previous year). In the top, the show even had almost two million simultaneous spectators. Thus, the fair with the large opening show, which is one of the most successful gaming shows of the year, could once again reach the international market again.

Our playful highlights of Gamescom 2021 summarize here for you:

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Further actions of the fair In addition to live program, the content-hub Gamescom Now, which was also more importantly became more important, also became more important, but also some community actions. Thus, more than tens of thousands of fans participated in Gamescom Epix and the 30 tasks all met. There were digital goodies and competitions in Gamescom Vault.

Do you even need a gamescom on site because the digital program is sufficient, or missing the big meeting of the many communities in Cologne?