Finally a good PS plus month Many fans are looking forward to the September

The PS Plus-lineup for September 2021 is fixed: Hitman 2, Predator Hunting Grounds and Overcoooked: All You Can Eat (only for PS5) are to have for subscribers without extra costs. This selection comes pretty good with most people with PS plus subscription. In contrast to the games of the last few months, there are quite many fans about the three titles.

PS Plus: September-lineup with Hitman 2 is really good for many

PS plus in September 2021: After the lineup has already been lacted in advance, it is now also official. These are the titles you get with a subscription without further costs:

  • Overcoooked: All You Can Eat (PS5)
  • Hitman 2 (PS4 / PS5)
  • Predator Hunting Grounds (PS4 / PS5)

What exactly awaits you at the individual titles, we explain in this September article:

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Fan reactions are positive: The PS plus-lineup always always ensures discussions. The tastes are different and the Sony selection can never really make it all right. Sometimes the lineup causes very little or much counter-love. This time it comes well, but if you want to know which the possibly worst PS plus month, you will find it here:

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Also, the games from the PS plus month August did not matter particularly well, at least with a whole series of players. There was even the disappointing lieup for years.

The better that looks very different now . Even some who already own the games can not help but praise them. Among our September article, M1ndSetter writes: for example:

Too bad, nothing for me. But Hitman 2 is and remains a great game.

Darthmario and Theann are looking forward to Overcoooked:

Overcoooked is one of the best games that have come out in recent years.

Carneol obliges to do that, but can not do anything with Predator:

For me a class selection. Overcoooked looks like a lot of family fun and Hitman I always wanted to try it. Predator can keep you.: D

But as always, as always, there are some voices that can not give up nothing. Above all, Predator Hunting Grounds is spurned by some fans.

On Reddit, the picture looks again a whole number of joyous. Here Predator Hunting Grounds is called a nice surprise and a franchise fan praises it even in the highest tones.

Above all, however, Hitman 2 is really good, especially those who have not yet. Who knows it, usually does not help to praise it (I can only connect that).

At Overcoooked only has the hook that it appears for the PS5 alone. Most PS5 owners in the network complain that they do not want to have 4 controllers or want to buy. There are also too little friend * inside with appropriate controllers to play it fourth.

How do you like the PS plus month? Which of the games tries you first?