FC Bayern Joshua Kimmich entharms of Jamal Musiala and Julian Nagelsmann

Joshua Kimmich has enhanced his teammates in the interview with the FC-Bayern club magazine 51 his teammates Jamal Musiala and Tanguy Nianzou. Even with his new coach Julian Nagelsmann, the 26-year-old came into swarming.

When I see Jamal Musiala – that’s really good now, but that can be properly world class, Kimmich swarmed his 18-year-old teammate. But not only from Musiala’s achievements, the national player was impressed, even defensive player Tanguy Nanzou got praise. Tanguy also has great opportunities.

In general, he see the team of the German record champion for the coming years well positioned. We can all go a step here and have a good base for the next few years to achieve the highest goals.

Decisive for this also the handwriting of Julian Nagelsmann. The new FCB coach found Kimmich already impressive from afar, as he developed teams and how many players he has shaped into national players, said the 26-year-old.

And on, He signed a five-year contract, which was a strong sign because continuity is always beneficial to grow together and build something.

Kimmich: Nagelsmann takes a lot of time

He is therefore sure that you will celebrate big success together. With Julian I am convinced that a long-term development can take place here. He takes a lot of time for each one to convey his idea from football.

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Kimmich himself currently have as much fun as rarely in his career. In the case of the dealers, the friendly cohesion is incredibly strong: Honestly, I did not think that you can experience this at this high profit level.