Gamescom 2021 Ravenscourt brings six titles into the indie

Is actually gamescom time again? Apparently already and that means that Ravenscourt will be represented at Gamescom 2021 in the Indie Arena Booth online with six titles of studios from all over the world.

From the 25th to the 29th of August, everyone can convince themselves at online.indiearenabooth.de from the rich RavensCourt line-up, including the following studios and games:

  • Destinybit – Dice Legacy – Here you rule his kingdom in which it dices – and in the truest sense of the word, because the dice trips that determine fate do not take place in the background, but are one of the most important gameplay Elements of the game. Unknown countries want to be discovered and the loyal subjects rely on the instructions of the ruler.

AoV | RoV :  Top MEGAKILL Arena Of Valor #161
* Kemono Games – Protocorgi – This is a horizontal shoot, em-up in retro-pixel style with arcade gameplay, where the player’s control over bullet, a puppy of the C3 class (Cute Cybernetic Corgi), takes over.
* Black Eye Games – Survival Survival: Gloria Victis – A small group of civilians is trapped in the only remaining fortress and is the last hope for the defending troops fighting for their lives.
* Mighty Polygon – Relicta – a physics-based puzzle game from the EGO perspective, in which you have to combine magnetism and gravity creatively to decipher the secrets of the Chandra base
* DIGIXART – Road 96 – Summer 1996, today is the day! You make your way. Adventure. Freedom. Escape. Escape. Fleet before the regime. Try to survive
* Wild Forest Studio – Night is coming – a survival, construction and development simulation that plays in a fantasy world. It is inspired by Slavic mythology and the mysticism of the Carpathian region.

The Ravenscourt’s digital booth has a number of KI NPCs that allow visitors to get in touch to learn more about the titles and discover interesting dialogues.

About the GamesCom website are also streamed, which is: Now.gamescom.global/partner/Kochmedia

Patricia violinist from Ravenscourt says: We are pleased to present some impressive titles at this year’s Gamescom in the Indie Arena Booth. There are really special games that the players will talk for hours and we hope you have just as much fun while playing like us.