Destiny 2 The witch king Bungie presents the extension in the showcase

Recovery of an MMO Addict (Japanese: ネト充のススメ, Hepburn: Net-juu no Susume, subtitled Referral of the Terrific Online Life) is a Japanese manga collection by Rin Kokuyō released as a webtoon on the Comico app. An anime television collection adaptation guided by Kazuyoshi Yaginuma and also computer animated by Signal.MD broadcast from October to December 2017. In June 2018, Comico ended the manga due to Kokuyō’s failing wellness. Before this, Recovery of an MMO Addict had actually gotten on a hiatus given that 2015.

Although fans will have to be patient until the spring of 2022, until they can open the next chapter in Destiny 2 with the enlargement the witch king, but Bungie in the context of Gamescom granted a detailed insight into the future of the MMO Shooter. No, the recently published teaser trailer has no noteworthy information content with its term of 15 seconds. The developers do not want to deliver to the showcase event, which is scheduled for the 24th of August at 6pm – a pre-show is planned for 5 pm. The event is transferred via Twitch. Last updated video: Teaser trailer