Nominees at Gamescom 2021 prices unveiled

It is always an honor to be chosen for a game price, and Gamescom’s prices are among the most prestigious. Gamescom is easily among the biggest game events in the world, which gives these rewards a serious weight. The Rewards of Gamescom 2021 will certainly be a bargain for any tough game enough to receive one, which makes their next show all the more important.

In addition, the Gamescom Awards Ceremony is not like your usual business – Gamescom is a trade fair, used as a key element of a game’s marketing process. These games are upcoming versions – where advertising becomes so much more important! The winners here will have a good start until their complete exit, which, hopefully, will auspire for things to come!

Distributed in 22 categories, there are more rewards than an article like this could not cover it. It is only the tip of the iceberg – if you want to see the complete list, you can know more about the official website. Here are some notable entries:

Best Microsoft Xbox game:

Best Nintendo Switch game:

Best Sony Playstation game:

Best PC game:

Best independent game:

Best action game:

Best Strategy Game:

Best game in progress:

One thing to note here is the importance of Elden Ring not only here, but also in other categories – the game has five (!) Chances of winning the price. The original from Software has a ton of hype behind him, because of the studio’s legacy with the Dark Souls success franchise. If they win the crown in several categories (which seems likely), the game will certainly collect the benefits of additional advertising – something that should delight fans from Software. If you are part of this group, it’s an event to watch!

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