New multiplayer on steam looks like fantasy

On Dergamescom 2021, several smaller titles with great potential were put into the limelight. One of them is Eville, a new multiplayer game from a German Indie studio. The gameplay is based on a popular concept: werewolves from the gloomy forest.

What is this for a coop game? Eville is developed by the German Indie-Studio Vestgames and is the first project of the team. You play in a medieval fantasy village in playful comic graphics.

The village is not as peaceful as it looks, because it happens again and again murders – and nobody knows who it was. Your job is to find out exactly that. Or murder himself.

Eville was presented some time ago, but received a new gameplay trailer for Gamescom 2021.

How does the game work? As in Werwölfe of Dish Forest you will be assigned a role at the beginning of a round. You are either one of the conspirators or the bravan citizens who want to defend themselves.

The conspirators try to kill the citizens without attributing. Citizens have to try to uncover who among them are the killers. There are special roles with special, such as:

  • Detective
  • Axmunter
  • Creative converter
  • Medium
  • Levist
  • Trap
  • Seer
  • Mayor
  • Thief
  • Guardian

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* Smugglers

You play in round with and against other players. If you can be killed, but you can even do quests even in the lending and help your teammates – or sabotage them.

A similar game principle has already made itself the twitch-hit Among US – and for some time Fortnite for some time. However, Eville offers some new roles, which are available in Among US only with mods.

Free demo for Gamescom 2021, Release 2022

Where can I play Eville? Eville appears for the PC on Steam and is still available as a free demo until the 29th of August (Via Steam). So you can just look in and make yourself a picture of the game.

The release is planned for 2022, a more detailed date is not yet available.

What is there still on the gamescom? Eville was presented in the course of the Indie Showcase of the Gamescom 2021 on Thursday, the 26th of August again more precisely. However, many new announcements have been made throughout the entire GamesCom.

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