Gamescom 2021 The Outlast Trials returns with 100 unhealthy gameplay

Trials Rising - Back to the Fusion (Track Pack - platinum runs)
Now planned for 2022 on PC (only platform announced for the moment), The Outlast Trials will bring you back to the time of the cold war . But not for a confrontation between Russian and American forces. You will embody here a guinea pig in a secret building detained by Murkoff Corporation, the company that opened the Massive Mount Asylum … ## What is this about ? Your mission, and you will have no choice but to accept it, will find a way to survive the tests that will be imposed on you and will make evil physically and mentally. Iconic characters in the series will take care of torturing you anyway. And good news, if the well-disgusting atmosphere of this video you please: you will not suffer and will not necessarily go alone, since if it is well announced as playable solo, The Outlast Trials can live in cooperation. Yum.