Game sause is steamer

The GamesCom also opens the doors in 2021. At least online. The world’s largest trade fair for computer and video games takes place again only in digital form. Already 2020 over 2 million people saw the Opening Night, the show will take place this year on 25 August from 20:00 to 22:00.

So that the audience can still sniff a little gamescom air, the Streamer Trymacs, Gronkh and Papaplatte have gone together to accompany the gaming event. The three count on Twitch for the absolute elite, their channels are among the top 5 platform, evaluated on average after simultaneous viewers.

Game sause as the official partner of Gamescom

The game is official cooperation with the fair of 26.-29. August as a highlight for fans serve, which can not be live on the spot again this year. So the stream can also be looked next to Twitch on the GamesCom portal Gamescom Now.

All sorts of well-known guests are made of a wide variety of entertainment areas. Thus, in addition to the musicians Tokyo Hotel and Clueso, the enthusiastic video game fan and Comedian Kaya Yanar should have their performance. Other streamers such as Phunk Royal or Rewintide are also expected.

We have set up a varied and varied program that we connect with an innovative production concept at the fair, says John Dustin Martin, project coordinator of the game source.

The mix of concerts, game shows, Pen & Paper, a cooking show, a football tournament, Esport and more are to bring the audience at least a replacement experience if the Gamescom can not be visited locally.

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