The Shooter Doom has its own forest Now the Gamescom is also planting one

Yes, there is actually a Doom Wood that is even in Germany. This is a project of conservation of nature for the protection of biodiversity and the environment. Gamescom is also committed to this, with the Gamescom forest.

What kind of forest is that? Doom Wood is a conservation project near Penitz in the Bayreuth district in Bavaria. And yes, it is actually dedicated to the famous series of DOOM shooting. The forest was created by Treemer, a help project to reforest German forests.

Together with Bethesda, the Doom Wood project was launched at La GamesCom 2019. More than 30,000 trees have been planted in the forest.

What is the GameScom doing now? The GameScom Forest is doing, which is starting another forest project very close to Doom Wood. The campaign already existed in 2020 and now it will continue.

The donation form has already received more than 5,000 euros in donations from players and companies. In the trailer of the forest, Gamescom itself announces fiction games such as Plant Tourism, Leaf of Legends and Pinecraft.

Gamestar colleagues explained in more detail what the project is about in a video:

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Doom Wood and Gamescom Forest: Donations for oxygen

What are the promotions for? The Gamescom forest serves to close the gaps between forests in Germany to create mixed forests. According to administration, they are better for the environment and protection of species than monocultures.

This year’s goal is to reforest a forest area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters and then look for a new wooded area.

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All contributions to XXX

Where can I donate? Both projects offer you donate for them. In Gamescom Forest, donations are possible from one euro, Doom Wood sells fixed packages for € 6.66 for 2 m² or by € 26.10 for 6.66 m².

  • Here you can find the GameScom Forest Project (through betterplace.org)

  • Here you can find the Doom Wood project (through Treemer.net)

You will receive a receipt for each donation, so you can even save taxes if you compensate for donations.

Disclaimer : As last year, Gaming Webedia (Gamestar, Gamerapro, forests) produces the GameScom studio in German. Therefore, we also accompany the Digital Games Fair 2021 as a Media Partner.

The Gamescom forest is not the only beneficial project in La GamesCom 2021. In July 2021, a flood affected many people in Germany. A charity project this year wants to help them:

GamesCom 2021 organizes a charity transmission for flood victims: this is how it can help