The new multiplayer in Steam looks like Fantasy

In the GamesCom 2021, several smaller titles with great potential were highlighted. One of them is Eville, a new multiplayer game of a German independent study. Gameplay is based on a popular concept: Mirkwood Wolf Men.

What kind of cooperative game is this? Eville is being developed by the German Independent VestGames study and is the first team project. Play in a medieval fantasy town with funny comic graphics.

However, the people are not as peaceful as it seems, because the murders occur over and over again, and nobody knows who it was. Your job is to find out exactly that. Or kill yourself.

Eville showed up some time ago, but he received a new game trailer for Gamescom 2021.

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How does the game work? As in Mirkwood Lobo Men, you are assigned a paper at the beginning of a round. Or you are one of the conspirators or good citizens who want to defend themselves.

The conspirators try to kill citizens without attracting attention. Citizens should try to discover who among them are the murderers. There are special roles with other specials, such as:

  • detective.
  • Ax killer
  • Change
  • half
  • Calumniator.
  • Mayor
  • Thief
  • Guardian.
  • Contrabandista.

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Play in rounds with and against other players. If you kill you, you can still do missions in the other life and help your fellow players, or sabotage them.

The success of Twitch Among Us has already adopted a similar gameplay, and for some time it also has Fortnite. However, Eville still offers some new roles, which are only available with modifications to Among US.

Steam developers of Steam Among Us react to fortnite simply by copying them

Free demonstration for GamesCom 2021, version 2022

Where can I play Eville? Eville will be launched for PC in Steam and will be available as a free demonstration until August 29 (through Steam). So you can take a look inside and get an idea of ​​the game.

The launch is scheduled for 2022, a more accurate date is not yet available.

What else is in La Gamescom? Eville was presented again in more detail during the independent display in La GamesCom 2021 on Thursday, August 26. However, several new ads were made along the GamesCom.

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