The best equipment of Raal Mg in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5

There is a new weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone season 5, and is the Raal Mg light machine gun. Today, Raven Software released the weapon so expected. This is after people with privileged information filtered the weapon months ago. Regardless of the moment, fans are happy to have another weapon to upload a range and design a new load in season 5.

While many players will not have the Raal MG unlocked for a few days, there are already questions about their best equipment. Although it is not clear if the raal will become part of the goal, its recommended load has already appeared and is quite lethal.

Best Raal Mg equipment in Warzone

The Raal MG presents some unique accessories in Warzone. The gun already begins with excellent statistics and its large number of accessories only increases the values. With the equipment recommended by the raal, precision, scope and control increase substantially. After equipping the necessary accessories, the range value almost reaches the maximum, which means that this LMG will be a monster at longer distances.

Muzzle: Raal Monocore Barrel: 32.0 Raal Line Breaker Laser: Optical Laser: VLK 3.0x Optic Bajobarrel: FFS oblique

To begin with, the rank of damage of this load of Raal MG increases in many ways. The monocore raal acts as a monolithic suppressant, suppressing the fire and adding rank of damage while adding ADS speed. The 32.0 Raal Line Breaker cannon also increases the rank of damage along with the speed of the bullet and the recoil control, in addition to having a movement speed and a negative ADS speed. This load is intended to play remotely and not as a choice of running and shooting.

However, if players need some additional ads speed, they have the Laser TAC. This laser increases the speed of ADS and also improves the speed of movement and points to firmness when walking. It also contributes to the Speed ​​of the ADS and adds back control the Baja FFS barrel Oblique. Finally, VLK 3.0x OPTIC is the standard Optical LMG accessory, which offers a perfect zoom range.

This load of raal MG apparently dominated could enter the goal of Warzone season 5.