Massive revision So Destiny 2 wants to make the trials more attractive for all players

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Since its introduction Indestiny 2, Osiris’s exams could not build on their old glory times and have many problems until today. That should change soon, because with a wide-area revision, Bungie wants to make this PVP top activity more attractive – and for all guardians.

What about the revision on itself? The trials of Osiris (exams of Osiris, short trials) embody the well-known melting pot format and the highlight for the PVP elite in Destiny. Week after week, guardians come together to fight for the lighthouse. There are coveted trials loot, which you can not get anywhere else.

But the trials also have problems that lure guarders at all in the crucible. They are not accessible enough or too sweaty – it’s not for between or for casuals, which do not see a country there. They are not worthwhile enough, some dull there dull for loot. And then there are the cheaters. In short, the exams have to struggle with problems.

This is also bungie did not escape and so the studio wants to make numerous changes to the trials in the course of the new Season 15, in order to re-adhere to this PVP format again and to make it more attractive for all players groups. One wants that generally more guardians play the exams and also pursue other goals as immaculate or nothing.

All this changes at the exams of Osiris in Season 15

Of some fundamental things, accessibility and rules of activity, to premiums – there will be a whole lot in the trials. Here are the most important details at a glance:


Seasonal changes: At the beginning of a Season but also Bungie now wants to avoid feeling that players feel torn between several PVP and / or endgame destinations on the weekend. Therefore, for Season 15 and all the following Seasons:

  • No more trials in the first season week or a World First Race in the course of a new RAID. Here are more focused on new content, features, new weapons and exotics
  • No more trials during the iron banner, no PVP events should overlap more

When the first trials start in Season 15? The exams of Osiris start in the current season of the lost on 10th September.


In this area, 2 are particularly exciting changes. On the one hand, the tests should be accessible from the requirement and the conditions of participation. On the other hand, however, the accessibility for a particular player group should be advanced a massive bolt:

Requirements: The access quest requirements are reduced and now count overall convertible ranks as well as kills.

Spielersuche: The trials will now offer matchmaking for all who have no complete feeder. It will therefore also be able to fall into the tests alone or for two. The game search then fills the emergency folder. Freelance tests (no previously created fireteams, only solo) will be available in the Trials laboratories (a kind of test playlist). Bungie emphasizes that alone is flawless to be almost impossible, but one is still sure that one or the other creates that.

Trials will be chargeable: That’s exactly what many players wanted: you want to participate in the trials, you must have the current annual (paid) extension – so at the moment you need be beyond the light. From the 22.02.2021 it is then the witch king. Free-to-play players are now excluded from this format.

This makes chreaters the ability to easily and over and over again to create numerous free accounts to handle cheat detection, locks and restrictions.


Above all, Bungie is aiming here to miss the gameplay river a bit of fine grinding and eliminate unfair benefits:

  • The duration of a round was shortened from 120 to 90 seconds. This should prevent as far as possible to delay the gameplay intentionally to charge its own skills energy
  • The so-called Three-Peeking problem is also fixed. Gestures are now executed in the first-person perspective, swords can only be used if their heavy ammunition has (also applies to elimination and survival, not just for the trials), changes in used heavy ammunition. You automatically to another weapon. From the clearer third-person view to peer the corners to peek it is largely preventable
  • Special and heavy ammunition is no longer accepted from one round to the next. That’s too big advantage for strong teams

Call and rewards

Why the changes? Here the changes should lead to the trials for a broader audience become more attractive, but without the PVP elite to take away their own carrots in front of the nose.

The wide mass should get more reasons to be longer than just for the premiums after three wins in the tests. There should be more and more responsive rewards. For this purpose, the call system of trials at the 14th saint is completely revised. In addition, trial engrams can be focused to work on specific premiums. For the strong master weapons you still need a flawless pass.

This changes in detail:

  • At the 14th saint, there are new exams ranks, a new call system and a premium runway – trials tokens have been removed
  • RUF is earned at Match degree and is based on how many gained rounds have listed to your passport
    • On passports can now be recorded up to 20 lines
    • The focus for main premiums is therefore placed on the number of individual rounds obtained. As a result, players of all skill levels can put more easily accessible goals
    • You always have a reason to play – even if you lies at the back. Because for bonuses you do not have to win any complete matches more
  • By increasing the trials rank you get tests-engrams

Trials Rising Transitions Lesson - Live Walkthrough
* Before the first reset per season you get powerful exams on every third place
* Just like other ritual reputation systems, one can earn other premiums on every third place. On the trials ranks 10 and 16 you get one of the unique Trials weapons during the first three resets in season 15

Trials passports

Why the changes? Passes or tickets are a central element of trials. And also changes are made to make the format as many players as possible.

So far, the focus was too much to win as often as possible in order to get to premiums at all. Therefore, many have reset right early and again and again. This is exactly where the changes should be reached here. Guardians are to play trials and be able to earn premiums without having to reset their passports. But on the lighthouse and thus to the ultimate rewards you will only come through victories.

This changes in detail:

  • No defeats are recorded on passports. This allows you to easily continue playing and watching matches to get to rewards. Although one can still reset a pass to a defeat, it is no longer forced after three defeats
  • Passes can be recorded up to 20 round wins
  • The passports were rearranged, their prices drastically lowered
  • Passes apply now account and no longer character. Say: You can play with any character and earn rewards with the same pass

Every week there will be two top challenges in the trials:

  • Win a total of 7 matches on any weekend
  • Win 50 rounds

Based on the number of rounds gained on your pass, your bonus progress will receive.

  • The winning challenges for 3/5/7 victories were removed
  • As soon as you reach the maximum reputation, you can reset it and accept an ascendant fragment or an exotic engram. As with the other ritual reputation systems, your Trials ranks and premiums are reset with each new season
  • In addition, Bungie wants to deal with his passport, instead of resetting it every time one loses a lot. If you have 7 victories on the pass and then gains more matches, there is a chance that an additional trials engram, masterpiece materials or trials armor drops with high stats
  • At the lighthouse nothing changes. The way there still only leads to a flawless run, so 7 wins without defeats. There you get a unique master gun on his first weekly visit (with the account, not with the character). But there’s all the mods and cosmetics that are to be visited for further visits

Trials Engrams

Why the change? The Trials-specific Engrams are also revised to provide players more direct ways to use Trials Loot.

This changes in detail:

  • Trials Engrams now grant random armor parts and weapons (no master variants). You do not have to unlock a armor or weapon first to see it in the Engram Preview
  • The Trials Engrams can now be focused at the 14th saint to get targeted certain objects that have already been released. By the way, if you were already flawless in the corresponding week, you can dust so even more drops of the weekly master gun. However, that should be costly, so bungie.


Why the change? in the trials unfortunately everyday life. Strong players going on immaculate or nothing occur in early matches against much weaker teams with completely different skills set. And just the weaker keepers can rob this fun of any fun. That’s exactly what you want to change.

This changes in detail:

  • Matchmaking now brings together players with the same number of victories on a passport and similar performance in the trials in the respective week. But other factors should also provide for balanced matches
  • If the game search takes too long, the search for similar characteristics will be extended until sufficient opponents were found for a match


Not only do you want to lure more players in the trials, you want to protect you from cheaters and other scummars to ensure the fun experience as possible. The following happens:

  • Battleye anti-cheat was added to Update 3.3.0
  • Measures against cheaters and cheat providers outside the game will be continued and strengthened (for example, lawsuits against provider pages)
  • Players involved in win-trading will now be targeted and have to expect banns
  • Anyone chargeable Carries, Account Recoveries and Similar Services – so everything you need to access your platform account and control over its destiny characters – is more pursued and punished. Of course, there are also exceptions. Who let his child play or check his friend with their own account XUR, because you are on vacation, nothing has to be feared

trials laboratories

What has it at all with the laboratories? In the changes listed so far, it should not remain, Bungie wants to continuously improve the trials experience. To obtain more effective directly from the players feedback on certain changes, the laboratories (labs) will return to Season 15.

In principle, this is a kind of test environment or test playlist, which is temporarily unlocked in the game and where players is given the opportunity to try out certain features or changes. These changes are then only playable over the laboratories, the regular PVP is not affected.

In season 15, 3 such trials Labs weekends are planned, to which targeted trials changes, for example the solo game search, are tested. Fixed appointments are not yet available, which should be announced in a timely manner. On these weekends, the changes apply to the entire mode, so that as many players participate as possible.

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What do you generally keep from the TRIALS changes announced here – whether now as a casual or starred trials veteran with x lighthouse visits? Which adjustments do you find useful, which wrong or at least questionable? Do you think that Bungie can re-enhance new life to the exams of Osiris? Let us know and other readers from Meinmmo in the comments.